About Myself!

I have been with WS/FC Schools since 1984. I have a B.A. in French Education, with additional hours in Spanish. I also have an MPH in Community Health Education. I have taught middle school students for my entire career and think they are the best!
What will we be doing 1st quarter?
Beginning French: Students will learn how to great each other, make introductions, talk about likes and dislikes, and discuss their school schedule. Vocabulary includes greetings, farewells, asking about names and ages, talking about how they feel, and items/activities about which they can express their preferences. 
Continuing French: Students will review material from Beginning French, which includes chapters 1-3. They will then learn how to talk about sports and activities. Quebec will be our region of study. Grammar emphasis will be on conjugating regular -er verbs.
French 1 High School Credit: Students will review material learned from last year, which includes chapters 4-6: sports and activities, restaurant vocabulary and French foods, and leisure activities. Grammar emphasis will be on conjugating regular -er verbs, the irregular verbs avoir, faire, and prendre, and noun-adjective agreement. Afterwards, students will begin Chapter 7, which is about family and friends. 
Exploratory Languages: Students will learn about communication and language families. Then students will learn simple phrases, numbers, days, months, seasons and weather expressions in German. Afterwards, we will begin Japanese.
Supply List
The following supplies will be needed for my classes: notebook or folder of any kind and pencil or pen. Students who took Beginning or Continuing French last year may continue to use their French notebook from last year.


Class expectations:

1. Be on time with required materials ready.
2. Talk or get out of your seat only when given permission.
3. No gum, candy, or personal grooming.
4. Respect other people and their property.
5. Follow all school rules. 
Description of Courses: Eiffel
Students taking Beginning French in 6th grade are introduced to the basics of reading, writing, listening to, and speaking French. They are also introduced to the rich cultural heritage of the French-speaking world.

In 7th grade, students take Continuing French. We will review what the students studied last year and continue working on advancing our skills.

Students who choose French 1 High School in 8th grade have the possibility of earning high school credit for French 1. In this case, students may enroll in French 2 in 9th grade, which is the goal of the middle school program.
Exploratory Languages
Eighth graders who have not taken French or Spanish in middle school have the opportunity to take Exploratory Languages. This course introduces five of the six languages offered in high school in WSFC schools. The students learn basic greetings, numbers, weather, months, seasons and so forth in German, Latin, Japanese, French, and Spanish, as well as learning how languages are related and connected to one another.

Homework is not given on a regular basis in French or Exploratory Languages. However, students in French should study vocabulary for a few minutes each day outside of class, as this helps aid retention. When homework is given, it will be posted on the homework calendar.
Contact info: Please note that we have a new phone number.
Clemmons Middle School: 703-4217



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