NC PLTW seeks to help students develop the ability, the knowledge and skills to pursue careers in STEM-related fields.
"In whatever you choose to do, do it because it's hard, not because it's easy. Math and physics and astrophysics are hard. For every hard thing you accomplish, fewer other people are out there doing the same thing as you. That's what doing something hard means. And in the limit of this, everyone beats a path to your door because you're the only one around who understands the impossible concept or who solves the unsolvable problem."
- Neil deGrasse Tyson
John Boyd
Project Lead the Way
(336) 727-2252
This is my 22nd year in the WSFCS system. I have taught 7th grade
science at Kennedy Middle, Clemmons Middle and Hanes Magnet schools
and served as a Learning Team Facilitator at Clemmons.

This year I'll be teaching PLTW with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. It's a
big change and a great challenge that I am looking forward to.
My wife, Melissa, is a first grade teacher at Ward Elementary. Our oldest son, Jack, is a senior
in the IB program at Parkland and Sean is a eigth-grader right here at Hanes Magnet School.