Mrs. Cheek
Learning Team Faciliatator
8th Grade United States History is My 1st love
Room 501
(336) 774-4677


Classroom and Team Expectations:
  • Respect self and other students
  • Collaborate effectively with other students
  • Complete classwork and homework consistently
  • Follow the established procedures of classroom and school

      laymen terms:  We expect students to come to class prepared for the day and with any homework, sit in their seat immediately and be ready to work.  We expect every student to work toward their best ability at all times.  Interruptions and/or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and we actively keep parents involved with progress. 

Grading Policy:
  • Projects/tests = 40%
  • Classwork = 35%
  • Participation = 15%
  • Homework = 10%

      disclaimer: Students must complete classwork, projects and study for tests to do well in my class.   


Don't expect to miss multiple days of school, not make up the work and do well in school.  This kind of equation doesn't add up (literally).  It is extremely important that if students are going to miss school that they ask for work either before the absence or when they get back.  WSFCS policy is one make up day for every day missed however be aware that our team stresses presence and lots of work.  Keeping up with the work load is essential for success.