School Friends
WS/FCS Pre-Kindergarten 2013-14
Application for potential vacancies
Recruitment Period
beginning March 17, 2013
To be eligible to apply for Pre-K in WS/FC Schools, children must live in Forsyth County and be 4 years old on or before August 31 of the school year they enter.


Parents/guardians who did not apply during the initial application period that ended March 15 are encouraged to apply for available vacancies. Eligible children are placed in district classrooms through March of each school year.


        Step one

  • Attach the form to the front of the completed Smart Start of Forsyth County Pre-Kindergarten Application, 2013-14.

        Step two

  • Attach the documents requested by WS/FC Schools:

1.     copy of child’s certified birth certificate

2.     proof of residence-utility statement or lease document.

If you do not have any of the above for proof of address, please contact the Student Assignment office at 748-3302 for further assistance.

        Step three

  • Print and complete the Smart Start of Forsyth County Pre-Kindergarten application.

  • To determine eligibility for all public pre-Kindergarten options for your child, prepare and attach the financial documents described in the Smart Start Pre-Kindergarten application.

         Step four

  •  Return the application to any elementary school listed:

Caleb's Creek, Cash, Cook, Diggs/Latham, Easton, Forest Park, Gibson, Griffith, Hall-Woodward, Ibraham, Kernersville, Kimberley Park, Kimmel Farm, Konnoak, Middle Fork, North Hills, Old Town, Petree, Sedge Garden, South Fork, Speas, Walkertown, or Ward.


You may also return the WS/FCS Interest Form, Smart Start application, and documents to Smart Start of Forsyth County, 7820 North Point Blvd, Suite 200, Winston-Salem, NC, 27106.


What happens next?

Each child who applies by Friday, May 17, will be contacted by Smart Start and assigned a developmental screening appointment and location on one of the following Saturdays:


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday, June 1, 2013


The screening appointment lasts about 1 hour. Your child’s placement status letter will be mailed by August 1.


Can I apply for Pre-K after May 17?

A child whose application is received after May 17 and before March 1, 2014 will not be assigned a screening appointment unless a vacancy is predicted. You may be contacted at any time during the school year to schedule a screening appointment.


How are children selected to participate?

WS/FC Schools public pre-Kindergarten offers placement to children in the initial applicant pool based on rank ordered demonstrated educational need. The child who will benefit most from pre-Kindergarten services is offered placement first.


If the eligible applicant pool is exhausted and a vacancy occurs, the applications of children who applied after March 15 and were screened will follow the same placement process.


If the waiting list of screened children is exhausted and a vacancy occurs, children who applied after May 17 and were not screened will be contacted to schedule a screening appointment.


Thank you for your interest in WS/FC Schools Pre-Kindergarten program.