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Request for Screening Appointment Information Pre-K 2015-16

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  • To be selected to participate in the pre-K program your child must:

    • be 4 years old on or before August 31, 2015,
    • live with parent or guardian in Forsyth County, and
    • attend a developmental screening appointment.


      Request for Screening Appointment Period: February 2-April 10, 2015

      Step one: Complete and submit the WSFCS Pre-K Request for Screening Appointment Form.

    Pre-K 2015-16 Request for Screening Appointment Form

    Pre-K 2015-16 Request for Screening Appointment Forms paper copies are available for download in elementary schools, district offices and through our community partners, Smart Start and Family Services Head Start.


    Step two: Attend the developmental screening appointment with your child. You will receive a letter assigning you an appointment time and location.


    Community Pre-K Assessment Screening Appointments


    Your child will be screened using a developmental assessment designed to measure gross and fine motor skills, critical thinking skills, language development and learning disposition behaviors. We call this experience "playing games with a teacher." The assessment usually takes about 30 minutes.



    About half the district’s classroom spaces are reserved for children who demonstrated they will gain the most educationally from a high quality pre-K experience. Applicants are rank-ordered, offered placement, and when all classrooms in the county have been filled, a rank order wait list is maintained to fill vacancies as they occur.


    Screening events

    To meet family needs, appointments will be available various weekdays and several Saturdays in March, April, and early May. Selected community centers and elementary schools located on public transit bus lines will serve as screening sites.

    If you have not had an opportunity to complete a Forsyth County Pre-Kindergarten Application 2015-16 and submit it to Smart Start or Head Start at the time of your screening appointment, you may do so at the screening appointment.

    Print this page for your reference.

    Questions about the developmental screening? Contact Pre-K at 336-748-4000 ext. 34242.