Name: Mr. Peller
Subject: Orchestra
 Instrument Night at Clemmons Middle School
September 4th 4-7PM 
Type: "Clemmons Middle School" for your school.
Beginning Orchestra Requirements:


In orchestra we offer the following instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello and BassWe do not offer guitar or piano.


Every student MUST have their own instrument.  Students playing larger instruments such as cello or bass should have one instrument at home.  An instrument will be provided at school so they do not have to transport these instruments back to school except on concert days.  All students wishing to play violin or viola will HAVE to bring their instrument to and from school on A days. 


The school is under no obligation to provide you an instrument.  The school has a very limited number of instruments to rent to students.  It is STRONGLY advised that you rent/purchase your own instrument from a reputable local music dealer. (There will be a list bellow of music stores in our area). 


If you are unable to purchase/rent an instrument and you wish to rent a school instrument, you may have an instrument assigned to you rather than your first choice due to availability of our inventory.  School rentals will be on a first come first serve basis.  Priority is given to students who have already rented an instrument previous years.


Each student will be assigned an instrument locker or in the case of a larger instrument, an instrument will be assigned to them for use in class.


Most of our available instruments for rent will be our larger instruments, i.e. Cello and Bass.  All students renting instruments from the school MUST fill out an instrument rental agreement AND pay a rental fee to the school.  The rental fee is a 1 time payment and may be kept on file with the school for the duration that your student is at the school. 


The fees for renting a school instrument are as follows:


Violin/Viola $25


Cello/Bass $75


No instrument may leave the school until both the rental form AND the total fee of the instrument has been paid in full.


All school instruments must be returned to the school at the end of the year.  All school instruments are assessed for damage and repairs including the purchase of new strings/bows/rosin etc.  If any of the items need replacement or repairs, the replacement cost or repair cost will come out of the rental fee.


For more information regarding instrument rentals at local music stores, please contact the following stores for more information.  Many stores have different instruments and different rental prices and policies.  (The school does not endorse nor recommend one store over another and is not responsible for your rental of an instrument)
Music and Arts - This is a local music store that offers online flexibility.  Everything can be ordered and delivered directly to the school!!!  Select the zip code and school and instrument.  Everything can be purchased in one simple place. Also check out their Encore Rewards.

Jackson's Music 1409 S. Stratford Rd. W/S, NC 27103 (336) 760-9635


Separk Music 1325 Lewisville Clemmons Road, Lewisville NC 27023 (336) 723-0794


The Band Company 231 N. Main Street, Kernersville, NC 27284 (336) 993-7436 (website not available)


Love that Music 148 N. Main Street Kernersville, NC 27284 (336) 993-0935


Winston Salem Violins 116 Shady Blvd W/S NC, 27101 (336) 723 6564 http://www.stra