Welcome to another exciting year at Clemmons Middle School!

 Independent Reading Book Requirements for the  4th Quarter

   For the first quarter, we created Voki Avatars in order to analyze our independent reading books. The second quarter, we created critical thinking/reflective flip books.  During the 3rd quarter, we read the novel,  The Outsiders, create newspaper articles and characterization pictures with reflections. For the 4th quarter, each student is required to read 5 books and complete an independent reading book project for one of the selected books.  Each book must be at least 100 pages long. A book that is over 300 pages counts as 2 books.  The book requirements include:

 1. 1 nonfiction book

2. 1 historical fiction novel

3. 1 classic play or novel

4. 2 self-selected books of any genre




 Wonderful Websites for Students

Listed below are awesome websites that will help you practice important skills! Please enjoy reading the interactive Power Points, playing the educational interactive games and take the online quizzes to increase your knowledge in vocabulary, comprehension, and writing! Because these websites are massive, please continue to scroll down until to the end. Enjoy!

Test Taking Strategies




Language Arts Practice Worksheets and Interactive Activities







Non-fiction Online newspapers and magazines





(current news)




(teen magazines)


(teen magazines)
Quarter 1 Welcome Letter
   Welcome to another exciting year at Clemmons Middle School! I am delighted that your child is in my class. With your encouragement, he/she will participate and enjoy many exciting and rewarding experiences this year.
  About Me

    I was born in Washington, DC.  However, I lived and taught in Montgomery County, Maryland before getting married and moving back to North Carolina three years ago.  I went to Duke Ellington School of Arts High School in Georgetown, (D.C.)  Afterwards, I graduated from North Carolina A & T State University, (Go Aggies!) and Howard University Graduate School. Additionally, I have attended High Point University and Trinity College to advance my education and increase my knowledge in educational leadership.  I have earned advanced degrees and certifications in education, because I love to learn! Furthermore, I have held a variety of positions in the education arena, but my biggest passion has been to inspire young minds at the middle and high school level.

I'm looking forward to working with you this school year! Please feel free to contact me using the contact information below.


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