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MRS. LORETTA PETE (8th grade English /language arts)
3785 Fraternity Church Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27127
Phone: (336) 703-4217 | Fax: (336) 774-4678
Phone number: (336) 703-4217

Brief Educational Background

I was born in Washington, DC. However, I lived and taught in Montgomery County, Maryland before officially moving to North Carolina in 2007. I graduated from Duke Ellington School of Arts High School in Georgetown, (D.C.) North Carolina A & T State University, Howard University and High Point University Graduate School. Additionally, I have earned several advanced certifications in education, because I love to learn! I have held a variety of leadership positions in the education arena, but my biggest passion has been to inspire young minds at the middle and high school level.

Hobbies/ Special Interest

Some of my hobbies are vocal music, liturgical dancing, traveling to other countries, reading, attending plays, concerts, and spending quality time with my husband and family. Additionally, I volunteer my time and efforts to different non-profit organizations.