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To know more about the Holocaust and what we're learning right now, go to:
 Reading Expectation: A homework expectation is that you will read every night for 20 minutes. A list for the top 2013 Young Adult Book List came out, and I think it's pretty spectacular. 
Parents: I will take longer than a week for all tests, essays, and projects to be graded. Everything else is regularly updated. In checking Parent Assist, you will see blanks to reflect that I am in the grading process, or that an assignment is upcoming; the blank is not a zero.
Grading Weights:
20% Reading (read one book per month and present)
10% Classwork
10% Homework (no late homework will be accepted)
20% Quizzes
40% Tests/Projects/Essays
I am very up to date on the calendar and homework assignments.
Please check frequently for tests and assignments.
Absent on a day? You are responsible for your make up work. Ask for it upon your return. Checking for notes, assignments, and upcoming assignments would also be beneficial.
One book drive went amazingly well. We have a nice library in the classroom. It is maintained soley by us. While I contribute books I think others may like, your donations will keep this interesting, up-to-date, and replenished.
A special thank you to a donation of children's book, which allowed me to trade in for high interest books.
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