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    Office of Graduation Initiatives Best Practices

    Efforts are predicated upon the belief that each student is unique and must be nurtured in a manner that meets individual needs. Comprehensive strategies are grounded in research and address locally identified needs. Inclusive programming targets individual students, parents/guardians, school personnel and the community at large.

    FACE: Forsyth Academy for Continuing Education


    • Are you a former student who left high school before graduating?
    • Are you a current high school student behind in credits or struggling to keep up?
    • FACE may be your answer!

    FACE is an evening program housed at the Career Center for high school students that serves returning students, currently enrolled students identified as in imminent danger of dropping out, and seniors who need a credit recovery option. Student referrals are made by home school counselors. Classes are offered for credit recovery and for new course credit using blended learning instruction. Classes meet Monday-Thursday from 4:30pm-7:00pm. Students may enroll at any time during the school year. The Coordinator and Counselor provide administration support, academic advising, course scheduling, personal counseling and post-secondary planning. For more information, contact your home school counselor or these FACE personnel:


    Mr. Walter Johnson FACE Coordinator 336-748-400 ext. 33217
    Mrs. Cheryle Belo FACE Counselor 336-727-8185
    Kay Landry Program Manager for Graduation Initiatives
    336-727-2756 ext.2



    Graduation Initiatives Cohort Teams

    These teams, established at each high school, use data to identify school needs and devise strategies to increase the school and district graduation rates and decrease the school and district dropout rates. The team is also charged with the responsibility to create a targeted plan to implement the 20-Day Process for reporting dropouts.

    Mentoring Programs

    Supportive mentoring programs provide our students with the encouragement they need to succeed. While many schools offer mentoring programs specific to the school site, we also support the following district programs:

    • Senior Academy-sponsored by the WS Chamber of Commerce; operates in 5 high schools-Carver, East, Glenn, North and Reynolds; individual pairings of adult mentors with seniors who need all classes to graduate on-time; mentor-mentee meetings are held during the school day at the school site
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters-operates at Carver, East, North, Reynolds; individual pairings of adult mentors, “Bigs”, with repeat/struggling 9th graders; mentor-mentee meetings are held during the school day at the school site
    • Juntos-is a 21st Century Learning Grant program sponsored by NC State University Extension Office, Crosby Scholar, Winston-Lake YMCA, and WS/FCS; operates at Kennedy Middle and High, North Forsyth High, Wiley Middle and Northwest Middle; open to all students with focus on serving Hispanic students; after-school sessions for mentoring, academic skill enhancement, and post-secondary planning; limited summer program


    At-Promise Student Lists

    In collaboration with our Research and Evaluation Department, students identified at risk of leaving school prior to graduating (early leavers) are provided to middle and high schools each fall.  Schools design supportive services aimed at keeping the students engaged in school with the goal of on-time graduation.

    Early Warning Tracking System

    Weekly identification of students based on attendance, discipline and core performance set standards. Emails received by administrators, counselors and social workers provide real-time listings of students for targeted interventions.

    Data Compilation and Analysis

    An Annual Graduation and Dropout Data Report is complied through a collaborative effort involving NCDPI, and our district offices of Accountability, Research and Evaluation, ELL, and Technology. The reports are strategically distributed at the school and district levels and are available online through our department website.

    Contact Information
    Kay Landry-Program Manager for Graduation Initiatives
    336-727-2756 ext.2
    336-793-6597 (Work Cell)

    Angela Hubbard-Program Manager for Graduation Initiatives

    336-727-2756 ext. 2 (Office)




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