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Our Theme

Thomas Jefferson Middle School models itself on President Jefferson's vision of an "academic village", an intimate setting where everyone actively participates in the pursuit of knowledge. Our school embraces a theme which demonstrates the interconnectedness of the humanities, academics and technology.


¨ After-school tutoring provided Tuesday-Thursdays with limited transportation supplied.
¨ Seminar discussions used to stimulate higher-order thinking skills
¨ Broad range of classic and modern literature selections taught across the curriculum
¨ Varied teaching strategies designed to engage students
¨ Designated  a national " School to Watch "
¨ Distinguished as an Honor School of Excellence


¨ Visual arts and music incorporated into academic classes
¨ Drama program that immerses students into all aspects of theatre production
¨ Thematic units that emphasize the humanities in all core classes


¨ On-site technology specialist providing dependable assistance for maintaining and using digital resources
¨ Interactive web site offering reliable communication between home and school.
¨ Global technology skills incorporated in:

*  Collaborative work on authentic real world projects
*  Electronic literacies and communication skills
*  Student centered performance focused learning


Last Modified on October 15, 2014