(Administration, Teachers, Assistants, Clerical)
Brenda Bourne
  Human Resources Director - Elementary Support 
Assistants: Carol Stuart (Ashley - Latham) or 
                    Mitzi Teague (Lewisville - Walkertown) 
   Phone: 336-727-8350  Fax: 336-661-6536

Middle and High Schools
(Administration, Teachers, Assistants, Clerical)
Brenda Bourne
Human Resources Director - Secondary Support 
Assistants: Kim Pizzulo (High Schools) or 
                    Cheryl O'Hara (Middle Schools)
   Phone: 336-727-2322  Fax: 336-661-6536


(Custodial, Child Nutrition, Transportation,
Maintenance, Warehouse)
Pamela Hensdale
Human Resources Director - Operations
   Donna Claggett (Child Nutrition, Maintenance, Transportation) or
   Bernadette Upson (Custodial, Warehouse)
   Phone: 336-748-4078  Fax:  336-661-6536

Professional Development
Paula Wilkins
  HR Director of Talent & Professional Development
  Phone:  366-748-3426  Fax:  336-661-6536
Cydney Conger
HR Recruitment Specialist
  Phone: 336-727-2374  Fax: 336-?
Sharessa Wilkins
Admin Assistant
  Phone: 336-727-2374  Fax: 336-?

Staffing Kathy Furr
Staffing Supervisor
  Phone: 336-727-2969  Fax: 336-661-6536

Yvonne Mushayamunda
Sub Office Coordinator   Phone:  336-727-2861
Alex Fox 
   Help Desk Assistant   Phone: 336-748-3018
   Fax: 336-661-6536

Employee Health, Dental and Life Benefits Von Clemons 
Elementary, Transportation, Maintenance
   Phone: 336-727-8569  Fax: 336-661-6536

Dawn Byerly
   Secondary, Child Nutrition, Custodial, Warehouse,
   Central Office, Psychologists, & Social Workers
Phone: 336-727-8390  Fax:  336-661-6536

Licensure Donna Hayek
Elementary Licensure Specialist
Phone: 336-727-2323  Fax: 336-661-6536


Sherri Gilliam
Middle/High School Licensure Specialist
Phone: 336-727-2324  Fax: 336-661-6536


Bernadette Upson
Licensure Renewal Credits
Phone: 336-727-2054  Fax: 336-661-6536

 Workers Compensation
Liza Garner
  Compensation Specialist
  Phone: 336-703-4271 Fax: 336-661-6536
Sandra Braham
  Compensation Specialist
  Phone: 336-703-4271 Fax: 336-661-6536
   Human Resources Admin Assistant
Pam Schmal
 Phone: 336-727-xxxx Fax: 336-661-6536