A "win win" family endeavor...

Support and watch the RJR baseball team!

   Enjoy the new DASH ball park....


April 29th (Friday evening) at 7:00 PM

Dash Stadium

On Tuesday evening, April 29th, starting at 7:00 PM, the RJR boys baseball team will be playing the team from Davie County High School at the brand new DASH stadium in downtown Winston-Salem.... and the best news:  THERE IS NO COST FOR ADMISSION!  This will be a great opportunity to both support RJ Reynolds, as well as enjoy the atmosphere of this stadium (that won an award last year for being THE BEST STADIUM IN ALL OF AMERICA)!!


Voices from the Storm:  The Twin City in the Age of Aquarius 

Over 200 RJR Alumni and members of the Community were interviewed last year by RJR students for their recollections of the tumultuous years of the late 1960's and early 1970's at RJR and in Winston-Salem.  This was incorporated into the above play written by Frank Levering and Angell Caudill.  It was performed by current RJR students in the Black Box Theatre in Reynolds Auditorium, on November 19, 20 and 21.  RJR Alumni President Harry Corpening went to the play, and sent out an e-mail saying "My fiance (Suzie Masterson) and I went.....and I can honestly tell you IT WAS FABULOUS!It lasted a little over 2 hours....and there is not any part of it at which you looked at your watch wondering what time it is. It is VERY informative.  It is VERY thought provoking.  It is VERY entertaining.  It can be an emotional experience (...or, at least it was for me)."

If you would like a DVD of the Reynolds play, please email your name, mailing address and number of DVDs you would like t
Angell Caudill - acaudill@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
In the subject line please type in "DVD Order."  There is no charge for the DVD, but the school is accepting donations for the support of our "Arts for Academics" magnet program.  These will be mailed out as soon as possible.


Julianna Guill

Julianna Guill, RJR Class of 2005, gets "leading   role" in hourlong TBS sitcom Glory Daze

Starting Tuesday, Nov. 16th, at 9:00 PM, you can see Julianna Guill starring in the new TBS sitcom Glory Daze.  This series is about the misadventures of 4 college freshmen who pledge at the bottom-ranked fraternity on campus.  Much of the show is told from the perspective of Joel (played by Kelly Blatz), an earnest but overwhelmed pre-med student who falls for Christie (played by Julianna).  Her boyfreind just happens to be the head of the fraternity.  For more information about Julianna Guill:  click here ( * ).


1964 Dancing Boots
1967 Dancing Boots
1978 Dancing Boots
1982 Dancing Boots

The Dancing Boots staged a REUNION on Friday, October 8th 

Ms. Caitie Reece is the Dancing Boots coach, wanted to get in touch with as many past members of The Dancing Boots as possible.  She staged a Dancing Boots Alumni event at our Homecoming Football Game (on Friday, October 8th). She is also trying to raise some funds for this GREAT organization.  Click here to learn more of the details. 

1997 Dancing Boots

     Pictures from years (left to right, top to bottom):
        1964, 1967, 1978, 1982; 1997, 2004; 2010

2004 Dancing Boots
2010 Dancing Boots


RJR Alumni proposes naming new Walkertown high school for past Principal "Pop" Joyner 

Harry Corpening, President of the "RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends" organization, went to a special meeting of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board on Tuesday evening, September 28th.  This meeting was called in order for the School Board to receive suggestions for the naming of a middle school/high school being built in Walkertown.  This was the third time that "Pop" Joyner has been suggested as the person for which a school should be named.  To read a copy of the document supporting the proposal that a school should be named for "Pop" Joyner that was turned in to the School Board (and partially read by Harry): click here Also speaking on behalf of the proposal that a school should be named for "Pop" Joyner that night were RJR alumni Martha Martinat who's notes about her "speech" can be read by clicking here, and Dr. Robert Means who read a letter from RJR alum James Petree ....and this letter can be read by clicking here and from Jule Spach and this letter can be read by clicking here.

Also passed out to the School Board members was a document showing the bronze plaque telling of the fact that the stage at Reynolds Auditorium had officially been named the "Robert A. "Bob" Mayer Stage" (this naming having been done by the School Board last year..at the request of "The Friends of Richard J. Reynolds Auditorium" and the "RJ Reynolds Alumni and Friends" organizations).  To read and see this document:  click here.  This plaque will be hung in the Auditorium.


"RJR Alumni & Friends" is soliciting alumni contact info for creation of their
4th Reynolds High School Alumni Directory

There have been three RJR Alumni Directories.  The second one was created and printed 10 years ago.  The third one was created and printed 5 years ago.   The second one was good.  The third one (regrettably) had a lot of out-of-date and incorrect information in it.  We want to make sure that the next one (which will be printed next year) has EVERY RJR alum listed in it....with only correct information.  To do that, we need your help. We want to supply the publisher with the contact information for as many RJR alumni as we can.  Please take a couple of minutes to send us a few facts about yourself....that we  will forward on to them.                                         


Four Mentors are needed NOW to help some RJR Seniors 

Three facts about Reynolds High School:

* when looking at the graduating classes (for quite a while), almost 9 out of every 10 seniors goes on to further education

* almost 4 out of every 5 graduates goes on to a 4-year college or university

* if you compare the students that enter in the 9th grade to those that graduate, RJR ranks only 7th out of 13 public Forsyth County high schools.

Graduate. It pays.

Four mentors are needed...NOW!

In an effort to drastically increase the overall graduation rate at Reynolds High School, an initiative supported by the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce has been started at Reynolds High School.....called "Graduate. It Pays."  Part of the scope of this initiative is to try to pair up a mentor with a Senior who needs to pass every class in order to obtain his/her graduation diploma.

To hear a 4-minute "piece" by local radio station WFDD that gives the merits of this initiative: click here ( * ).

Harry Corpening (Class of 1968, and President of the "RJ Reynolds High School Aluumni and Friends" organization) is going to be a mentor.  Why don't YOU consider being one also??

To get more details, click here. Go to http://www.GraduateItPays.org.

To send an e-mail to Dottie Francis (who oversees this initiative), click here ( * ).


 Class Reunions and Facebook groups: 

2002 Class Reunion
RJR Class Reunions take place every year, and one of the most important reasons for this website's existence is to keep the alumni informed as to what is happening concerning each and every RJR Class, and their Reunions (that we know about).  To see if your Class is staging a reunion (and to learn the details), or to supply us with information about a Class Reunion your are helping to organize, or to see if your Class has a Facebook.com site: click here.


 Changes in the RJR Staff...and staffing assignments


There have been several newspaper articles about Staff changes at Reynolds High School ...as well as changes in staffing assignments.  (If we missed one, please send us an e-mail by clicking here ( * ) to tell us about it).

Click here ( * ) to read about Coach Mike Propst leaving RJR to coach football at York High in S.C.

Click here ( * ) to read about Coach Paul Hall being hired as the new RJR Head Football Coach.

Click here ( * ) to read about some of Coach Hall's summer activities.

Click here ( * ) to read about RJR track coach Norman Trzaskoma retiring.

Click here ( * ) to read about former RJR Principal Stan Elrod's retirement.

Click here ( * ) to read about RJR girls basketball coach's (Mike McCulloch) battle with cancer.


Mike Propst


The $300,000 customized acoustical shell has been installed at Reynolds Auditorium 

Reynolds Shell

A $300,000 capital Campaign has been successfully completed to acquire a customized acoustical shell for Reynolds Auditorium, and now the shell is installed.  It was utilized for the first time on Saturday evening, Oct. 10th, when The Winston-Salem Symphony Orchestra staged its "SHELL-ebration" concert.  The shell as deemed a huge success! 

Click here to learn what makes this acoustical shell special, read a review of the concert (and shell) in the local paper, and to see it being used during that concert.

Click here to learn about the $300,000 successful Capital Campaign.  


 RJR gets $30,000 via efforts to honor RJR alumus Judy Voss Jones


In successfully completing its $300,000 Capital Campaign to raise the funds to acquire a customized acoustical shell for Reynolds Auditorium, "The Friends of Richard J. Reynolds Auditorium" organization staged a simultaneous $180,000 Capital Campaign to have the newly constructed building behind the Auditorium named the "Judy Voss Jones Arts Center" ($150,000 of the funds going to acquire the acoustical shell, and $30,000 of the funds going to the School for their programming needs).  On September 21, 2009, a thirty thousand dollar check was presented by Harry Corpening (on the left...Chairman of the Board of "The Friends of Richard J. Reynolds Auditorium") and Jim Holmes, III (on the right...Chair of the $180,000 Capital Campaign) to the School Principal (Dr. Art Paschal).   For more information, click here ( * ).




 A Filmed Conversation with the 3 Living RJR Principals:


Art Paschal
Stan Elrod
Bob Deaton

In the Fall of 2008, the 3 Living Principals (left-to-right: Dr. Art Paschal, Stan Elrod and Bob Deaton) were "interviewed" by Harry Corpening (the President of the "RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends" organization). This was filmed, and made into two 10-minute documentaries, that were uploaded to YouTube.com.  They discussed what Reynolds High School was like during the three diferent administrations, and what it is like today.  They also discussed some of the funny (and sad) situations that occurred.  These are very entertaining...and well worth the time it takes to listen to them.

Click here ( * ) to see Part 1.                                            Click here ( * ) to see Part 2


 "RJR Alumni and Friends" Initiatives & Awards:

Each Spring, the "RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends" organization awards two $1,000 scholarships to "deserving" graduating Seniors (one male and one female), and a $1,000 Teacher of the Year award.  We have posted the pictures (and some remarks) from these winners for the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 school years.  Also learn about the initiative to name the stage at Reynolds Auditorioum in honor of Robert A. "Bob" Mayer (who was the Director of the Reynolds High School Band and Orchestra for 20 years...and who was the RJR staff member who started the Dancing Boots "group").  Click here for more.                  
Bob Mayer

Robert A. "Bob" Mayer - RJR Band & Orchestra Director


 School Library News: 


Pop Joyner

$6,000 has been successfully raised by the RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends organization to have a bronze bust created of past RJ Reynolds High School Principal Claude R. "Pop Joyner," as well as a customized pedestal for it to sit on.

The front-page article in the May 26, 1985 edition of "The Winston-Salem Journal" (which was the day after "Pop" Joyner died) can be seen by clicking here.

Searching for books written by RJR Alumni: 

A project to put into the Claude R. "Pop" Joyner Media Center a collection of books written by alumni from Reynolds High School has been started. It is being overseen by Ronnie Macklin (Class of 1941). If you know of such books, or have one you would like to contribute, please contact Ronnie, and tell him about the book (by sending him an e-mail with a subject-line of "RJR books"....by clicking here ("X" ).


Scholarships available to RJR Students and Teachers:

Money for gaining further education after high school is in short supply for most families.  That being the case, the “RJR Alumni and Friends” organization wants to inform both the students and families of students, as well as the teachers, of all the scholarship opportunities that are available to them.  We are proud to say that there is a scholarship offered to both a graduating male and female senior by the “RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends” organization.  (Details of this can be seen by looking at the above “RJR Alumni & Friends” Initiatives & Awards” section).  For all the other scholarship opportunities, click here.


This picture was taken on Monday, August 25, 2008, the first day of classes at Reynolds High School for that Fall....and only 2 days after incoming transfer student Matt Gfeller died from a "freak accident" during the Reynolds vs East Forsyth football game.   In his honor, 3 of his friends last year organized the "Matt Gfeller Memorial Doughnut Run".  The second annual running event was held on Saturday, November 13, 2010.  Proceeds from this went to the Matt Gfeller Scholarship Fund.  Click here ( * ) to read a newspaper article about the formation of this event,  and here ( * ) to see a video which tells about the phenominal results of this year's event (which had over 800 participants), and here ( * ) to read an article about it.






RJ Reynolds High School Sports Hall of Fame: 
In the fall of 2007 a group of alumni from RJR High School got together and decided that after 85 years of educating student athletes in Forsyth County, it was past time to recognize some of these outstanding people. Since 1923, RJ Reynolds High School has won state championships in fifteen different sports, including three consecutive mens basketball State Championships (from 2000 - 2002), and most recently the 2006 womens field hockey State Championship.

Click here ( * ) to view the full page newspaper "ad" that told of the first inductees (in 2008).  (This file is quite large, so it may take a while to download).Click here ( * ) to read the newspaper article about the 2009 inductees, and here ( * ) to see their pictures.This will become a yearly event at RJR, and there is no set number of inductees that will be selected each year. To fill out a form (suggesting a person for consideration) and to also learn more about this endeavor, click here ( * ).



To read the latest weekly e-mail from the RJ Reynolds High School PTSA organization: 

click here ( * ).

If the School, or the "RJ Reynolds High School Aluni & Friends" organization learns of someone having found a RJR Class ring (that someone else has obviously lost), this information will be posted here.

If you want to report a found ring, or reply back letting us know that the ring someone found was your's, please send an e-mail to Harry Corpening (at RJRhighschool@aol.com).  Please make the subject line of the e-mail "lost class ring."

Presently, we have information on:

* a ring was found in the Pfaftown, NC area.  It is for the Class of 1981, and the initials MJR are inscribed on the inside of the ring. 



 Alumni News: 

Mary Garber

We at RJR Alumni want to keep you up-to-date with the MANY alumni that have newspaper (and magazine) articles written about them. We ask that you send us an e-mail when ever you see an article that has a RJR graduate featured in it (and that article is already posted into the internet somewhere). All we will need is the internet "address" of the posting of that article (and your info as to when that person graduated from RJR). We will then post these articles here (as can be seen below). You can send us the e-mail by clicking here ( * ) . Please put "article about RJR grad" in the subject-line of your e-mail).    continue...


Link your Harris Teeter VIC card to RJ ReynoldsOur number is 4261 and can be linked at check out.  Your VIC card has to be re-linked every year in order to qualify for the incentive.  All incentive money goes directly to the school.

Vic Card

Link your Food Lion MVP card to RJ ReynoldsOur number is 18351 and can be linked at check out.  Your MVP card has to be re-linked every year in order to qualify for the incentive.  All incentive money goes directly to the school.

( * ) to send an e-mail to Harry Corpening (who is the President of this organization). Please put "RJR alumni" in the subject line.   Should you wish to call him, his number is (336) 725-3003.