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wolfpack Walkertown High School makes every effort to provide a full program of sports for young women and men that includes the following: football, track and field, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, wrestling, baseball, golf, tennis, softball, volleyball, swimming, cross-country, indoor track, lacrosse, and women’s field hockey.


A.                 College Athletics – NCAA Eligibility Requirements (919) 962 - 2345

Student-athletes entering a Division I or II institution must be certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse as having met certain general and specific requirements before they will be eligible to compete on a college level.  Students will need to meet WS/FCS graduation requirements with geometry or a higher-level math and an SAT score of 820 (with a 2.5 GPA) to 1010 (with a 2.0 GPA).  Students and parents who have questions about qualification stipulations should consult with the Athletic Director, Coach or School Counselor.


B.        Code of Sportsmanship


Public school interscholastic athletic events should be conducted in such a manner that good sportsmanship prevails at all times.  Every effort should be made to promote a climate of wholesome competition.  Unsportsmanlike acts will not be tolerated.  Players/fans are under the coach’s control from the time they arrive at the athletic field until they leave the field.  ANY ATHLETE/FAN WHO IS REMOVED FROM AN ATHLETIC CONTEST FOR FIGHTING, OBSCENE GESTURES, OR PROFANITY WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR THE NEXT TWO – FOUR GAMES.  If there are other reasons for a player’s dismissal from a game, the state handbook and local regulations will take precedence. (NCHSAA Sportsmanship Ejection Policy)


C.        Eligibility for Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities


1.   To participate in high school interscholastic athletics, you must meet requirements set by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, as well as rules established by the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education.  To qualify under state rules, a student must:

a.      Have no more than eight consecutive semesters in attendance nor more than four seasons of participation in any sport since entering grade 9;

b.      Be under 19 years of age on August 31

c.      Be in school 50 percent of any student day on which there is an athletic contest;

d.      Have passed 3 out of 4 (or 6 out of 8) classes during the previous semester and earned a 2.0 QPA during previous semester and the previous nine- week grading period.  Those who do not maintain a 2.0 will be given the opportunity to participate in Academic Support. 

** Academic Support:  Requires the athlete to attend 3 hours of tutoring per week and

 have no unexcused absences for the day or in an individual class, throughout the season.  Athlete will become ineligible if tutoring hours are not completed or if the athlete has an unexcused absence for the week.  If athlete has not achieved a 2.0 by the end of the semester/quarter, he/she will be ineligible for upcoming grading period.  Athletes will not be allowed to remain in ASP more than two academic quarters in one school year or two consecutive academic quarters.

e.      Must be in attendance for 90 percent of the previous semester at an approved school; can’t miss more than 10 days.

f.        Have a medical exam within the last year;

g.      Have a medical release if the student has missed five or more days of practice because of illness or injury.

h.      Be promoted to the next grade level.

i.        May not dress for a contest, sit on the bench, or practice if you are not eligible

j.         Must submit to random drug testing.

k.      Must not have been convicted of a crime classified as a felony under NC or federal law or have been adjudicated delinquent for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult.

            Students may request waivers of the policy for hardship reasons.


2.  All ninth-graders are eligible for participation during the first nine-week grading period.  If you are a ninth-grader and do not have a 2.0 QPA at the end of the first quarter or any subsequent grading period, you will be required to participate in Academic Support. If a student successfully participates in the Academic Support program, he/she will keep his/her eligibility throughout the remainder of the school year and during the first quarter of his/her sophomore year.

It’s Our Call/It’s My Call

1. The Board authorizes and directs the superintendent to develop and implement a voluntary random alcohol and drug testing program.

 2. Participation in the program must be based upon the voluntary written permission of the student and the student's parent or guardian.

3. A student must participate in the "It's My Call" program in order to participate in ANY extra-curricular activity.

4. If a student tests positive for alcohol or drugs, the report must be shared in a confidential manner with the student and the student's parents and information shall be provided to the student and the student's parents regarding alcohol and drug abuse prevention and intervention programs in the community. The report shall not be made a part of the student's education or discipline records.

5. No student may be disciplined, suspended or expelled for a positive test administered through this voluntary program.