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29. More Young Americans Choosing to be Multi-Ethnic
National geographic article on folk culture in Mexico
Badin, NC article
Article about aluminum in NC
Boundary article
Article about the Relic boundary in Germany
Commuting by Bus article
English Language Legislation
Read this article about immigrants and language, then answer the questions under Document Manager, Migration Folder "English Language Legislation Disucssion Questions."
Use this link to create a template for the spreadsheet and pyramid we will make in the media center.
Inside the World Bank, Seattle Times article
Japanese Farmers Fear Their Future is Shrinking
Read this article on how farming is changing in Japan, as well as the relationship between agriculture and politics there. Summarize, focusing on agricultural traditions and policies in Japan.
Make a Pop Pyramid with Excel
This will show you how to make the pyramid on Excel. Extra Credit.
Migrants Going North Now Risk Kidnapping
Read, summarize and relate this article to our migration unit.
NY Times article on biotech crops
Sergey Brin
Smithfield Ham
World Trade Organization
Description of the World Trade Organization, its goals and what it does.