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7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Monday thru Friday
Phone (336)712-4403
FAX (336)712-4408 


  The student services department has six counselors, a secretary and a registrar to assist students in meeting both their personal and academic needs. The Counselors are available to work with classes, small groups and individuals in a variety of areas including registration for appropriate classes; career exploration; standardized tests and their interpretation; college admissions, majors, and financial aid; counseling for personal concerns or problems; and referral to community agencies for additional services.
In order to best serve the needs of all our students, each student is assigned to a counselor for personal concerns or problems.  These assignments are made according to the student's last name.  Assignments are as follows:
Mrs. Dicato
A - Coj 
Col - Ep
Mrs. Downs
Es -Ji
Ms. Winchester
Jo - Mo
Mrs. Widle
Mu - Sh
Mr. Sandag
Si - Z

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