chool Transformation by Actively Recruiting,
Rewarding & Retaining
STAR3 is a Federal Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant awarded to the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School District. 
The award was $19.6 million for five years.
STAR³ UPDATES:  August 2014
Growth Measures:  The growth scores at the STAR3 schools are expected to be available earlier than in previous years.  For the incentive pay schools in the Project:
1.  Letters will be sent to all staff that shows the amount of bonus earned and how this was determined.
2.  Incentive (bonus) pay will be included in the earliest possible monthly paycheck.  (In previous years this was December or January. Our goal is to get this to qualified staff as soon as feasible.) 
 NISL Grads
NISL Training for AdministratorsThe National Institute for School Leaders (NISL) was selected as the main professional development opportunity for STAR3 administrators.   This 14 month program has just completed the last session. The graduation ceremony took place on August 5th.  Congratulations to all the NISL attendees! 
Special thanks to STAR3 Facilitator, Tasha Hall-Powell, for her work organizing the sessions.  She was our liaison with the NISL training staff.   Also, thanks to Ms. Carol Montague-Davis (Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Schools) and Mr. Steve Oates (Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Schools) for their participation and leadership throughout the training.
Mills         Hunt
 STAFF CHANGES: Elease Mills (facilitator) and Reggie Hunt (observer) have moved on to new opportunities. Ms. Mill's family has relocated to Florida and Mr. Hunt is now an assistant principal at a high school. Both did a fabulous job for the Project and we will miss them.
Danielle Friel is moving to a combination position as a STAR3 observer and facilitator for the 2014-15 school year.
Dereck Dirks has been reassigned from STAR3 observer to facilitator for the upcoming year.
STAR3 Professional DevelopmentEach staff member has developed expertise in a number of educational areas and are available to provide training at any of the STAR3 schools.  The STAFF TRAINING document identifies the trainings available. 
RTI AND PEPsOne of the pillars of STAR3 is the utilization of Response to Instruction (RtI) processes to support students at all functional levels.   In brief, RtI refers to the systematic identification of students needing support, specifying the support necessary and then progress-monitoring the effectiveness of that support.  RtI, in our district, is a 3-tier model where Tier I is the general education program, Tier II is additional support (documented in the Personal Education Plan or PEP) and Tier III refers to referral to the school's assistance team where even more support becomes available. 

Improving the quality (and implementation) of the PEP is a crucial part of building RtI in a school.  During the 2012-13 school year a software program was piloted with very good results.  In the 2014-15 school year all STAR3 schools are being encouraged to utilize the digital PEP program.  For more information on RtI and the PEP (digital program), please contact Ms. Robyn Varga at .  Already half of the schools have indicated readiness for RtI implementation.
TEACHER-LEADERS 2013-14:  Without any doubt, the 2013-14 school year saw the Teacher-Leader program move to a new, high level of functionality.  The goal was to not only continue to provide quality professional development to these individuals but also to provide opportunities for Teacher-leaders to share their work with their peers.  The Teacher-Leader program is a critical part of STAR3.  Each school has 4 or 5 teacher-leader slots that can be filled with individuals assigned to do additional work to support the School Improvement Plan (SIP) or other important activities in the school.  A $2000 bonus is paid if the work is completed successfully.  

This year the Teacher-Leaders met as a group several times.  Two of those sessions were especially designed to show the Teacher-Leaders how much their work is appreciated and to focus on sharing effective practices.  In addition, various STAR3 staff provided updates on the work of the STAR3 grant.  One session was at Graylyn Estates and the final session was at the Red Barn at Tanglewood Park.  Below are some photos of those two sessions. 
Photos from the Graylyn EstatesTeacher-Leader meeting 2014
burnette posterreview 4teacherleaders

Photos from the Tanglewood Park Red Barn meeting.
TL 1 TL3
Whole-School Growth:   During the 2012-13 school year three schools had growth that was 1 standard error or greater than the state average for all tested subjects and all students.  This is truly an incredible feat and I would like to recognize those schools:
Wiley Middle School
North Hills Elementary School
South Fork Elementary School
Eight of the 15 STAR3 schools had whole school growth that was positive.  That is an improvement from the 2011-12 school year that saw 2 schools with a whole-school positive effect.  In addition, during the 2012-13 school year there were a total of 29 grade levels that had growth at or greater than 1 standard error above the state average.  This is up from 18 during the 2011-12 school year.  

STAR3 Facilitators-Back row: Tasha Hall-Powell, Elease Mills
Nancy Scoggin (assistant director), April McBride.  Front row:
Connie Rogers, Danielle Friel and Sally McCombs
 Important Information on STAR³ Measures:
  1. The observation feedback is provided to the teacher only and should be utilized for consideration of professional 
  2. For the schools with the performance-based-compensation system, two observations scored at less than proficient will reduce any potential bonus payment by 25 percent.
  3. The observation rubric is applied by highly trained observers.  The observation rubric is one that aligns closely with the North Carolina Teacher Evaluation tool.   A copy of the rubric can be obtained by clicking here:  TeacherObservationRubric  Lesson planning rubric: STAR³ Unit Lesson Plan Scoring Rubric
Teacher Planning Tools On-Line 
STAR³, Learning Focused lesson planning tools and templates are now available online for your convenience:    
Navigate to the TEACHER-LEADER section of this website to learn about the STAR3 Teacher-Leader initiative.
Wayne Foster, PhD, Project Director     Foster

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