chool Transformation by Actively Recruiting,
Rewarding & Retaining
STAR3 is a Federal Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant awarded to the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School District. 
The award was $19.6 million for five years.
STAR³ UPDATES:  July 2015
STAR3 Project Direction and Position Changes:  Dr. Wayne Foster, the STAR3 project director, has retired as of August.   Ms. Sally McCombs has been named the director for the final period of the grant project.   Congratulations to Ms. McCombs.  Best of luck to Dr. Foster!
Nancy Scoggin, Connie Rogers, Danielle Friel, and April McBride all came to the end of the STAR3 implementation phase and moved on to other positions that will utilize their great strengths and skills.  The Project has been blessed to have had these individuals from the start and were equally blessed to have held onto them until the end!   That is dedication.   Congratulations to these STAR3 Facilitators and good luck!!
At the end of the 2014 - 2015 school year the STAR3 observation process was completed.  Susan Landers, Jennifer L. Mickey and Allison Coble have been retained as new STAR3 Facilitators during a six year extension (see below) of the Project.  All three were STAR3 observers.   Good luck to Cabot Carney, observer, who has moved on to another district position.  Thanks, Cabot.
STAR3 Sixth Year Extension:  The U.S. Department of Education has granted an extension of the STAR3 project into a sixth (and final) year.  The work during the year is very targeted.  The Teacher-Leader part of the Project will continue in the 2015 - 2016 school year.  Details are being presented to the principals at the grant schools.  Each school can have up to five Teacher-Leaders.  The 2000 dollar bonus for this "extra" work linked to the School Improvement Plan remains in effect.
In addition, each grant school is expected to use the PCG Multiple-Tiers of Student Support (MTSS) software to document PEPs.  The STAR3 Facilitators will assist in training and support of that effort in the grant schools.  This implementation is applicable to the entire district; the STAR3 schools will be on the cutting edge of this implementation. 
CONGRATULATIONS:  The following schools achieved "Whole-School Growth Status" through STAR3. This means that the growth for all students/all tested subjects was 1 standard error or greater than the state average:

Diggs-Latham Elementary
Griffith Elementary
Middle Fork Elementary
Konnoak Elementary
Old Town Elementary
South Fork Elementary
Wiley Middle
THANKS TO STAR3 OBSERVERS:  The STAR3 observer team has done a fantastic job performing the mandatory observations for the Teacher Incentive Fund grant.  This has been (considering the thousands of observations performed) an almost flawless implementation.  The observers have endeavored to provide high quality feedback to teachers using the STAR3 rubric.  Inter-rater reliability has continued to be much higher than required.  Over the years more and more staff have utilized the observations to inform professional development.  The WS/FCS district is very proud of the observers and the work they have done.  Their positions will be eliminated at the end of June, 2015 and we wish them the best of luck as they move forward in their careers.  
MeetingGCS TEACHER-INCENTIVE FUND COLLABORATIONFor the past four years the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Teacher-Incentive Fund project (STAR3) has been collaborating and sharing best practices with Guilford County's Teacher-Incentive Fund project (Mission Possible).  The picture to the left shows GCS's project director, Dr. Amy Holcombe (left), and various members of the STAR3 team including our project evaluator, Jonathon Rollins (center).  This collaboration is considered a model for trans-district work.

INCENTIVE PAY FOR THE 2014-15 SCHOOL YEAR:  The incentive pay bonuses earned during the 2014 - 2015 school year will be calculated in the Fall of 2015 and paid at some point (as soon as is possible!) during the second quarter of the school year.  The bonus system has not changed over the course of the grant.  Educators in the incentive pay schools can expect that the bonuses will be using the same format.   A letter will be sent to the staff at each of the incentive pay schools as soon as the calculations are made so that staff is able to ask questions prior to the payment of the bonuses.  (A contact person will be listed on that letter.)


The final STAR3 Teacher-Leader session was held on May 12th. 
The goal was to review the pillars of STAR3 that had an impact in the grant schools and identify ways to sustain the school-level work of the Project.  The picture to the right shows the STAR3 Teacher-Leaders who have been in that role each of the four implementation years.  A  great THANK YOU for all the work of the STAR3 Teacher-Leaders and to STAR3 Facilitator Connie Rogers for her work in organizing these meetings.
CRogers   Star3 Facilitator, Connie Rogers 
STAR3 project director, Wayne Foster, and assistant director, Nancy Scoggin, attended the national TIF conference in May, 2015.  Many of the implementation "problems" identified by Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) projects around the nation have not been experienced by STAR3.  Projects around the U.S. have operationalized the Teacher-Leader element of TIF in very different manners.  It was fascinating to hear the different models. 
USDOE2015 The photo to the left shows Nancy Scoggin with the Teacher-Leader team from Fort Myers, Florida.

Photos from the Graylyn EstatesTeacher-Leader meeting 2014
burnette posterreview 4teacherleaders

Photos from the Tanglewood Park Red Barn meeting.
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