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RJ Reynolds High School Booster Club
Demon Shop sign in school cafeteria
The RJR Booster Club has a small "store" that is open for 2 hours each Wednesday and Friday (from noon - 2:00 pm) in the School Cafeteria.  As a way to help this group increase their sales, the RJR Alumni & Friends organization is posting several items on this webpage (that can be purchased and shipped when we receive your payment via the mail).  Should you see any item(s) you would like to buy:  please send an us an email (with the subject-line of "Demon Shop purchase") by clicking here: ( * ).  In the email, tell us the item number of the item you wish to purchase, along with your name and mailing address.  (If the item is a clothing item:  tell us what size you want (and FYI:  the clothing items are adult sized S - M - L - XL - XXL).   We will verify we have the item you want (as there is a chance the size you may desire is sold out), and also inform you of  the shipping & handling costs for each item.
S/S gray t-shirt  
 ITEM #AA:  RJ Reynolds HIGH SCHOOL gray S/S t-shirt (if this particular one is not available, there are other gray S/S styles):  $15 
2-side L/S t-shirt      2-sided L/S t-shirt (back side)
  ITEM #BB:  2-sided RJ REYNOLDS HIGH SCHOOL gray L/S t-shirt:  $20 
RJ REYNOLDS dry-fit L/S t-shirt  
 ITEM #CC:  RJ REYNOLDS HIGH SCHOOL black L/S dry-fit tshirt
(made of fabric that helps you stay dry even as you sweat):   was $ only $15
 ITEM # 1:       RJR Alumni S/S shirt:  $12   
RJR DEMONS S/S shirt  
ITEM #2:  RJR Demons short-sleeve t-shirt:  $12.00                                           
ITEM # 3:  RJR Quarter-zip L/S plush Pullover:  $38
REYNOLDS DEMONS sweatshirt  
ITEM #4:  RJR DEMONS long sleeve t-shirt:  $15.00                                
RJR hoodie  
ITEM # 5 :  RJR L/S hoodie sweatshirt:  $25
REYNOLDS DEMONS hooded sweatshirt  
ITEM #6:  RJR long sleeve hoodie sweatshirt (actual item may have different logo depending on what size is ordered):  $25.00  
ITEM #7:  RJR long sleeve hoodie sweatshirt: (actual item may have different logo depending on what size is ordered):  $25
    S/S plush cotton shirts  
     ITEM #8:  AMID THE PINES/ RJR yellow plush cotton short-sleeved shirt:  $15.00
     ITEM #9:  AMID THE PINES/RJR white plush cotton short-sleeved shirt:     $15.00  
     L/S plush cotton shirts  
      ITEM #10:  AMID THE PINES/RJR gray long-sleeved plush cotton shirt:  $20
      ITEM #11:  AMID THE PINES/RJR green long-sleeved plush cotton shirt:  $20 
     REYNOLDS DEMONS sweat pants  
ITEM # 12:  REYNOLDS DEMONS gray sweat pants:  $20
black sweat pants  
ITEM #13:  Reynolds black sweat pants with pockets & tapered legs:  $20
baseball caps               
ITEM #14:  black adjustable baseball cap:  $15                                                    
ITEM #15:  KHAKI adjustable baseball cap:  $15                                                                               
Reynollds umbrella  
ITEM #16:  REYNOLDS HIGH SCHOOL retractable umbrella:  $20
lanyard & key chain  ITEM # 17           Cookinig Amid the Pines recipte book    ITEM #18
Lanyard and key chain:  $5.00                            "Cooking Amid the Pines" recipe book:  $8.00
 car magnet  
ITEM #19:  RJ Reynolds DEMONS car magnet:  $5
      stadium blankets   
       ITEM #16:  REYNOLDS HIGH SCHOOL gold (only) stadium blanket:  $20
      demon face koosie   koosie  
      ITEM #17:  DEMON FACE velcro koosie:  $5.00 (bottle not included)
 REYNOLDS cooler    REYNOLDS cooler    RJR cooler  
        ITEM #18:         REYNOLDS HIGH SCHOOL 12" long X 7" wide X 9" deep thermal cooler
                                   with front zipped pouch & netted back pouch:  was $ only $12
also has adjustable carrying strap   ***  cooler is large enough to easily hold a 6-pack of beverages
ALSO...RJR has a customized t-shirt that can be ordered (the minimum being 7) for class reunions (with the year being YOUR year):
                                  customized t-shirt       customized t-shirt   ITEM 24
                                 These long-sleeve t-shirts cost $20 each...with there being a minimum order of 7.  Please tell us
                                                          the sizes you want, as well as the year you want printed on the back. 
                                          The money and order must be to us at least a month before you want them delivered. 
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