Welcome to Mrs. Bowles' & Mrs. Clifton's First Grade Class!
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We have gotten a great start to the 2014-2015 school year.  I am excited to get to know each of the students and their families this year.  In first quarter we will be busy establishing routines and becoming independent students.  
In math, our first unit will focus on developing number sense.  We will be counting, ordering numbers, learning about place value (2 digit numbers) and showing different ways to represent each number.
Our first reading unit is called "Back to School."  We will read multiple informational and fiction stories based around this theme.  We will discuss how they relate to the theme and as well as each other.  The students will learn about various text features such as captions, heading, and table of contents.  We will focus on how to retell most important information from non-fiction texts.   With our fiction stories, we will focus on retelling stories in order.  We will review basic story information such as setting, characters, problem, and solution.  
In social studies, we will learn about good citizenship in our school, at home, and in the community.  We will look at authority figures in each of these areas and why it is important to show them respect.
In science, we will learn about forces and motion.  We will look at what makes objects move, how different pushes and pulls effect speed, and how some objects can move without being touched (magnets). 
Please contact me with any questions throughout the year.
Phone: 703-6789