• Teacher: Coach Pratt                                                                                                                                     Room: Weight Room

    Email: mdpratt@wsfcs.k12.nc.us                                                                                     RESOURCE: Bigger, Faster, Stronger



    Strength and Conditioning class will provide an opportunity for development of strength and conditioning for various sports and fitness related activities. Free weights, exercise machines and conditioning activities will be incorporated to promote improvement in strength, endurance, balance, agility, and speed. Students will lift on A-days, according to the “Bigger Faster Stronger” strength program, and will participate in conditioning activities as well. Proper technique, safety precautions and proper application of the Principles of Training will be emphasized. A plan to achieve goals will be developed and implemented during this year long course.



    1. Students are expected to be RESPECTFUL of the rights of others. Please respect all property and equipment in the weight room.


    1. Students are expected to follow all school rules and codes.


    1. Students are expected to be present and organizied every day. Make sure you are ready to work hard during class!


    1. No food or gum allowed in the weight room. Bottled water, shaker bottles, etc. are allowed.


    1. Expect yourself to SUCCEED!


    1. If you need help ASK! If you don’t understand ASK! If you need anything ASK!



    1. Always have a spotter if the lift requires one.


    1. To receive credit for the day, you will log all lifts correctly on your log sheet. Sheets will be turned into Coach Pratt at the end of the class.


    1. Dress appropriately for weight training and for conditioning.
    • Tennis shoes
    • Shorts/Sweat pants
    • T-Shirt/Sweat Shirt


    1. Be RESPECTFUL of the teacher and of your classmates. No talking while they are speaking.


    1. You will have 5 minutes to dress out and report to the weight room.


    1. No lifting without a teacher present.


    1. You will not touch any weights without permission from the teacher


    1. All weights will be RE-RACKED before you are allowed to leave for the locker room.


    1. Do NOT drop free weights at any time. Bumper plates are fine but only from knee height.


    1. NO HORESPLAY! There is a ZERO TOLERANCE for any and all horseplay!



    80% - Class Participation / Log sheets

    20% - Tests & Quizzes




    Student’s fitness level will be assessed TWO times per year by using the FitnesGram Evaluation Tool. At the start of the semester and at the last of the second semester.



    Students will complete max lifts during each quarter (4 total) in the Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, and Power Clean. These max lifts will be used to group students according to strength level as well as chart progress throughout the class.



    Students will complete the 40 yard sprint, dot drill, box drill, 20 yard shuttle, and the vertical jump each quarter (4 total)



    Students will be assessed on their basic knowledge of musculature anatomy and basic nutrition principles at the start of semester 1 and the end of semester 2.