Leadership Development

  • Click the icon to find more information about our Leader Equity Advancement PipelineThis office works in collaboration with the Deputy Superintendent, Area Superintendents, and HR to recruit, hire, develop, grow, evaluate, and support equity-centered leaders who make bold changes that lead to immediate, increased improvements in student outcomes. 

    This department will oversee the components of the principal pipeline, working closely with HR on recruitment, selection, and hiring and with Deputy Superintendent on the work of principal supervision. 

    The department leads induction programs, the onboarding of new leaders, and the assignment of mentors/coaches outside of the principal supervisor.  They will also lead AP and Principal prep programs, and ongoing professional development of current leaders through meeting structures and other professional development opportunities.  They will oversee the district's Wallace Grant. 

School Transformation

  • The department of school transformation will ensure system-wide support for WS/FCS Tier 2 and 3 schools and will work alongside the Deputy Superintendent and Area Superintendents to ensure high-quality, consistent support for schools. 

    The team will also work across divisions to ensure the WS/FCS Tier 2 and 3 schools receive the resources needed across the four domains of rapid school improvement from all areas of the system. 

    This department will oversee the district turnaround strategy and work directly with the state as the Restart contact.

Professional Learning

  • The department of Professional Learning will also be part of this team to ensure complete alignment between teacher and leader development, especially when thinking of the role of teacher leaders in WS/FCS. 

    The department will work across divisions to create a comprehensive professional development plan that embodies the standards of high-quality professional learning.   The department will also focus on partnerships with universities and the development of strong teacher and teacher leader pathways. 

    The department will continue to work closely with Human Resources and Instructional Services to create system-wide PD and coaching that leads to improved results for students.