• Fostering Diverse Schools 

  • School District:

    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

    Project Name:

    Fostering Diverse Schools Planning Grant


    Equity for All: Bridging Our Community

    Project Timeline:

    Start Date: October 2023
    End Date: September 2025

  • The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools (WS/FCS) have been awarded the two-year Fostering Diverse Schools Demonstration Grants totaling $943,688. This grant aims to support WS/FCS in creating a comprehensive plan to modernize school choice and residential zones, fostering greater economic diversity across schools while enhancing transportation efficiency. The project will be carried out over four phases, culminating in the presentation of stakeholder-vetted models to the Board of Education for consideration and implementation.

  • Project Objectives

    1. Analyze residential boundaries, including the current enrollment and attendance patterns within those boundaries, as well as the impact of existing school choice, zoning, and student assignment policies.
    2. Engage stakeholders, including families, parents, caregivers, staff, and students, to gather feedback to develop a comprehensive plan aligned with Policy 5117: Assignment of Pupils.
    3. Develop potential revised models for residential boundaries to increase economic diversity in schools.
    4. Present a short-list of proposed residential boundary map models to the Board of Education for approval.

  • Project Phases

    Phase I

    • Focus: Exploration, Assessment, Mapping and Modeling
    • Timeline: November 2023 - February 2024
    • Objective: Analyze current and historical enrollment and attendance patterns based on residential boundaries and choice plans.

    Phase II

    • Focus: Stakeholder Engagement and Plan Development (PART 1)
    • Timeline: March - December 2024
    • Objective: Develop an engagement plan, and engage stakeholders voices (students, staff, and parents/guardians) across the entire district to provide information about the current and hear input regarding fostering economic diversity within residential boundaries.

    Phase III

    • Focus: Stakeholder Engagement | Models Presented and Feedback (PART 2)
    • Timeline: January - June 2025
    • Objective: Share proposed residential boundary maps and allow parents/guardians to explore and provide feedback. Finalize the comprehensive plan and seek approval from the Board of Education.

    Phase IV

    • Focus: Final Comprehensive Plan and Presentation to Board of Education
    • Timeline: July - September 2025
    • Objective: Refine proposed residential boundary map models and present final recommendation and implementation plan to Board of Education for vote.