• Welcome to the WS/FCS Career Development Coordinators Information Page!

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    WS/FCS High Schools are privileged and very lucky to have a group of unique and very talented individuals helping our students link their education to their  career awareness. They are the missing link that many students need to connect the pieces to the puzzle. Their mission is to help guide, inspire, prepare, suggest, advice and serve as a mentor for students as they consider their next steps after graduation.
    Located in all our high schools you will find a Career Development Coordinator – affectionately known as CDC's who help spearhead and lead our students to a road of career preparation and awareness. 

    CDC’s provide: 

    • Career interest inventories
    • Learning styles
    • Job shadowing
    • Career preparation
    • Job Fair information
    • Filed trips to various colleges & business
    • Resources for post-secondary information 
    • Mentor/Mentee 
    • CFNC assistance and college information 
    • Job Outlook information & Department of Labor Statics on new and emerging careers

    WS/FCS - Career Development Coordinators are here to help guide and assist students with their next steps past high school into post-secondary opportunities and to guide them with their journey into the world of work.
    Visit your Career Development Coordinator today and see how they can help you prepare for tomorrow! 



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