• Students need a place to eat where they can connect with others, recharge, and enjoy a sense of happiness, especially following a year where kids weren’t able to always sit and enjoy a meal with their classmates.

  • 2020 NS

    Check out our interactive menus through Nutrislice! Our online menus provide menu transparency and information including allergen and nutritional information. You can also download the free app at the Apple Store or Google Play to easily access our menus at home or on the go.

    Menus can also be printed and translated into multiple languages. Click on the image below to view your school’s menu.



  • Positive student account balances will carry forward to the next school year for all returning students to WS/FCS.

    If you have additional questions regarding your student’s account, including how to donate balances to the Angel Fund or request a refund, please call the Child Nutrition Office (336) 703-4275.


  • Adult Meals: All items purchased by adults will be charged at retail prices. Sufficient funds must be available on an adult account or in hand at time of purchase.

    Retail Pricing: Additional items from the daily menu, as well as selected other foods and beverages that comply with the USDA Smart Snack guidelines may be purchased at retail price to compliment school meals or meals brought from home. All extra purchases require funds to be available (on meal account or in hand) at the time of purchase.

    Competitive foods:  The school day is defined as the period from the midnight before to 30 minutes after the end of the official school day. No competitive foods may be available to students during this time. In the event that competitive sales occur, all proceeds will be turned over to the Child Nutrition Program. Fundraising activities that involve the sale of foods and/or beverages to students during the school day must comply with the Smart Snacks Rules and may not be conducted until thirty minutes after the school day is over. School principals may establish rules for foods and beverages brought from home for classroom events or parties during the school day or for extracurricular activities after the school day. Click Here for complete policy

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