Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School's website for Online Learning

New Credit Online Guidelines for Students/Parents

    • Students who are seeking to meet a prerequisite, accelerate their learning, be competitive for college admission, and/or need to complete a course that would not fit in their schedule may request a new credit course online. 

    • Online courses should be in addition to students’ daily full-time schedule at their assigned school, and not take the place of courses at the assigned school.

    • We do not use this process for PE/Health and PE/Life Skills.

    • We do not use this for credit recovery.

    • We do not use this for students who would like to repeat a course in which they have previously earned a passing grade.

    • WSFCS students never pay tuition.

    • We cannot enroll private school students. See link for additional information:
    • Students are required to complete 100% of the course.

    • Students cannot be enrolled in a course after the 1st day of the semester or yearlong session starts.

    • Students cannot request an online course to get a better grade. 

    • Dates of enrollment for students may be dictated by program platforms.  Please see your School Counselor for enrollment availability.

    • The grade received for the new credit online course will be included on the student’s transcript.  

      • Although middle school students can earn high school credit, grades from high school credit courses earned by middle schoolers will not be calculated in the student’s high school GPA and class rank. 

    • School counselors should send in requests for online courses as early as possible, near the beginning of the semester for block courses or near the beginning of the school year for yearlong courses..

    • Online courses for new credit may be limited due to space available.  Students will be enrolled on a first come, first serve basis. 

Guidelines & Procedures for Schools

  • Registration Procedure
    • The student should discuss the possibility of taking an online course with the school counselor. The student must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file at the home school.

    • Student, parent/guardian, School Counselor, and Principal must complete and sign the Online Learning Permission Form.  This form should be returned to the School Counselor for submission.

    • The School Counselor, student and parent/guardian need to complete the required online information before the Online Learning Permission Form is submitted.: 

    • The School Counselor will scan (estudio) and fax/email the form to the Online Program Manager, Donyea “Dee” Bell (or Fax # 336-661-4986).

    • The district committee can approve or deny the application.

    • If approved, the Online Program Manager will enroll the student in the course and notify the School Counselor..

    • The online course will be entered in PowerSchool and listed on the student's schedule. The final grades will be listed on the student's transcript.

    School Counselor Responsibilities
    • The School Counselor of the school will ensure that the student has met the proper prerequisites.
    • Ensure that the Parent and Student contact information (email and phone number) are correctly listed on the Online Learning Permission form.

    • Indicate the desired level of the course requested on the Online Learning Permission Form.  (Standard, Honors, AP)

    • Act as the point of contact for the students and the parents.

    • Monitor student progress using reports sent by the Online Learning Program Manager.  Meet with students as needed.

    • Assist NCVPS teachers in contacting students if needed..

    • Direct students to the NCVPS Help Desk or the NCVPS Peer Tutoring site if they are having difficulties. 

    • Direct parents to
    • Direct students to the Online Learning Program Manager if they are having difficulties with Edgenuity IS courses.


To Be A Successful Online Student

    • The student must be self-motivated and self-disciplined.
    • The student must have unlimited access to a computer and the internet.
    • The student must be willing to commit at least 1 1/2 hours per day in a semester course.
    • The student must be willing to commit at least 1 hour per day in a year-long course.
    • The student must be willing to commit at least 3 to 5 hours per day in a summer course.
    • The student must be able to communicate through writing.

Student Responsibilities

    • Students must, at a minimum, log into the course the first day and start on their assignments.
    • Students are responsible for keeping up with the course assignments, deadlines and completion of the course.
    • Students will provide the school counselor with his/her own active email account. If they do not have one, the students will need to work with the school counselor to obtain one.
    • Students must be self-directed and self-motivated to manage their time well to complete the assignments in the online course.
    • Students must have unlimited access to a computer and the internet. 
    • Students must be able to use email and discussion forums to communicate with their instructors. 
    • Students must be able to write clearly to communicate ideas and complete assignments.
    • Students must contact their online teacher immediately if they have any technical issues or problems.
    • Students must respond immediately to the online teacher's emails and phone calls. 
    • Students must have a strong commitment to learn online in order to be successful.

Visiting Student’s Guidelines

Online Program Manager's Responsibilities

    • Enroll and drop (if requested) students in online courses.
    • Assist the DLA's in obtaining the required information and contacts for the courses their students take.
    • Act as a liaison between the Distance Learning Advisor and the online company.
    • Email progress reports to the DLA's.
    • Send NCVPS teacher information to the Data Managers.
    • Email grades to the Data Managers and DLA's of the WSFCS schools.
    • Ensure that the virtual learning runs smoothly for the Winston Salem Forsyth County School system.