• Name: Ms. Scott
    Subject: Math and Social Studies  (FI Mod; 6-8 grades)
    Contact info:  cdscott@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    In math we will be working with the Styers-Fitzgerald program, IEP goals and  the requirements for the Common Core Extensions. 

    Each student will be tested and will start the program at their current levels.  The middle school program is divided into time, time management, money both dollars and coins, and calculator skills.  The students may have homework that goes along with the program or with their IEP goals.  Each student will work one-on-one with an adult at their level.  They will have individual work at their level. They will be learning how to follow a schedule of where they go at a given time.  We will also work on the Common Core requirements which are the same this year as last.  At this time all of my students have been tested with the Number Knowledge Test of Menal Math to determine what level they are at without the use of paper and pencils.  They will spend time learning to use a number line to perform all of the basic operations that go along with the Function Keys.  

    If you want to work with your student the best way would be to allow them to make a single purchase at the store.  Give them the money they need and let them get the change back.  This will help them become more familiar with working with money.  We will use the actual coins but not the real dollar bills.  This is a functional skill that they will need to be independent.