If you have questions during the school closer period, please contact the Student Services staff using the emails provided below.

    Welcome to the Southeast Middle School Student Services/Counseling Center!
    Our goal is to provide support to your student as she/he progresses through Southeast Middle School. We help students with academic, college/career, and personal-social issues.
    Our department members include:

    Jamie Sherman (Lead Counselor/6th Grade Counselor)
    Stacey Marshall Buie (7th Grade Counselor)
    Holly Sopko (8th Grade Counselor)
    Robin Stockwell (EC Case Manager)
    Shasta Lowther (Social Worker)
    Rosie Rascon (Guidance Clerk) *habla espanol*
    All members of our department can be reached at (336) 703-4220.  Our fax number is (336) 996-0148.
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