• Name: Linda S. Riggsbeeapple
    Subject: Fourth Grade                            
    *Please register to be a Level 2 Volunteer.  Even if you were approved last year- you must go back and reapply this year!  ( Level 2-will allow you to chaperone field trips, etc!)  There is a link attached to our school web-page!!
    * Also please register to help by becoming a room grade parent...to register to do this- go to the PTA Link attached to our school web-site!  Thank you!!
    Welcome to Fourth Grade!
    Fourth grade is a great year for so many different reasons. Students are becoming very independent and understand the relationship between paying attention, studying, applying themselves and good grades.  Hopefully all students will do their best daily.  Students, hopefully, will come to school rested and ready to work.  Students need to have their homework and other supplies daily in school.    
    * Reminder- We need to be sensitive to others in our building.  Please be aware that some people have food allergies to citrus and peanuts.  Thank you!