• Name: Amy Cheek Best                                                                                                           
     Subject: Literacy Coach
    For eight years, I taught first grade at the far end of the hall at KES.  Each day held unlimited possibilities with many  wonderful kids.  Now however, I work in a different capacity at Kernersville Elementary School. This is my second year holding the position as literacy coach.  I had to figure out how to down-size to a tiny little room and give up the joy of having my own group of "babies". 
                                                                                                    BUT NOW...
    I am so loving this position!  I have the chance to work with many students and to work with them in small groups.  We are able to look at specific needs and really pin point what strategies to use that will be the most beneficial to each one.  Some classrooms have me coming in to work with students, but some students are pulled out.  We return to my room and use my supplies and just have a quieter location. 
    I am excited about the progress we are making and the growth that I believe the students will continue to make with this new organization.  In the school overall, there are more individuals able to work with smaller groups of students.  This individualized instruction can only have a positive impact on the students.
     This job also gives me the chance to work closer with teachers, PRTs, teacher assistants, and the administration.  I am a support for each one.  By locating materials, brainstorming ideas, and helping in other various situations, I aim to give each person what I can in order to make his/her position more effective and efficient.