Dr. Patsy Barrett Ph.D., NCSP

    Virtual Office

    Dr. Barrett
    Dr. Barrett is currently the school psychologist at three schools: Konnoak Elementary school, Philo-Hill Middle School and Speas Elementary School. She is available to work with parents, teachers and students.
    Monday- Konnoak Elementary
    Tuesday- Writing Day 
    Wednesday- Philo-Hill Middle
    Thursday- Speas Elementary 
    Friday-Main Street Academy & Office Day

    Dr. Barrett obtained her Doctorate in School Psychology from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. She has been practicing as a psychologist in the public schools for over 30 years. She is married and has three children who matriculated through the North Carolina high school and university system. She enjoys traveling, visiting family and selling real estate.
    School Psychologist

    Who is the School Psychologist?

    The school psychologist is a specialist in psychology and education who serves children in the school setting. The school psychologist is an advocate for children whose goal is to promote quality education and positive mental health for all children.
    The school psychologist's services may include:
    • Consulting with parents, teachers     and other professionals
    • Identifying special needs of students and helping  to plan their educational program
    • Individual or group counseling, 
    • Psychological/academic evaluations
    • Teacher in-service
    • Parent training workshops,
    • Crisis and risk management and more.
Last Modified on September 29, 2020