• Chemistry is designed to allow students to investigate matter along with chemical reactions and the conservation of energy in those reactions. In this class, students will mainly participate in hands-on lab activities, group work, and projects/presentations. Topic introduction will be done via lecture/PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations, as well as assigned individual textbook readings. The below PowerPoints can be used as additional resources should questions arise or you desire additional examples/references not presented in class.  The specific PowerPoints used in class will be housed on your Haiku page.

    Chemistry Basics                                                                                     Periodic Table
                                                                                                                      Periodic Table Notes
    Lab Conclusion Paragraph Report Guidelines                Naming/Writing Formulas; Bonding Diagrams
    Formal Lab Report Guidelines                                                                   Writing Formulas
                                                                                                                       Naming Compounds
                                                                                                                        Bonding Diagrams
    Introduction to Chemistry
    Introduction to Chemistry                                                                     Balancing Equations
    Lab Safety                                                                                               Balancing Equation Notetaking Guide
    Scientific Notation                                                                             Reaction Rates and Equilbrium
    Scientific Notation Notetaking Guide                                                          Reaction Rate
    Significant Figures                                                                    
    Significant Figures Notetaking Guide                                                 Redox Equations
                                                                                                                Redox Equations
    Matter and its Properties                                                                   Stoichiometry
                                                                                                                Stoichiometry Basics
    The Atom
    Molar Mass Calculations Notes                                                        Kinetic Theory
    Light and Electrons                                                                          Gas Laws
    Light and Electron Notes                                                                  Gas Laws