Lewisville Elementary School

Dedicated to Excellence



    My spotlight student is Trenton Collins. Trenton has worked a long time to reach his RIR goals. The progress he has made is remarkable and it has not gone unnoticed.

    Trenton shows respect to his teachers every day. He says yes ma’am and no ma’am, and very seldom tries to argue a point. He respectfully listens to directions and makes sure he takes care of his own actions before worrying about his classmate’s behavior. He is respectful to his classmates by complementing their work and always willing to share materials.

    Trenton shows independence by always trying his best. This year, Trenton found out that he is more capable than he thought. He follows directions and tries first before asking for help. He has discovered that he does not need help very often. I am very proud of his work this year.

    Trenton shows he is responsible by finishing his work and cleaning up after himself. I never have to ask twice to clean up and often I find him helping others. Many times, he has helped me with clean-up without me even asking him.

    I am so proud of the progress Trenton has made this year. A wise man once told me that practice makes progress. I am happy to name him my spotlight student.