How to Apply for Pre-Kindergarten at WS/FCS

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  • Pre-K Application Period 2020-2021 begins February 3, 2020

    Children must be four years of age on or before August 31 and live in Forsyth County to be considered for Pre-K program.

    • Parents apply for all WS/FCS, Head Start, and Smart Start/NCPK locations using a single application.
    • There is no charge to families for the educational program.
    • Application distribution points: Pre-K school sites and community partners, Head Start and Smart Start
    • Pre-K location preference form included in the application.
    • Parents who apply between February 3 and April 3 will be contacted by a Pre-K staff member to schedule a developmental screening appointment.

    Pre-K School Sites: Ashley, Bolton, Caleb's Creek, Cook, Diggs-Latham, Easton, Forest Park, Gibson, Griffith, Hall-Woodward, Ibraham, Kimberley Park, Kimmel Farm, Konnoak, Middle Fork, North Hills, Old Town, Petree, Rural Hall, Smith Farm, South Fork, Speas, Union Cross, and Walkertown

    Community Partners: Head Start-Sarah Y. Austin, 2050 Big House Gaines Blvd., Winston-Salem, 27101, Head Start-WSSU, 601 S. Martin Luther King Dr., Winston-Salem, 27101, Smart Start, 7820 North Point Blvd, Winston-Salem 27106

    Print the application using the links below:  If you have questions email us at 

    2020-2021 Pre-K Application English

    2020-2021 Pre-K Application Spanish

    Once you have completed the application you must also: 

    1) Include these documents:

    • Child’s Birth Certificate, (‘Mother’s Verification of Facts’ form is NOT ACCEPTABLE)
    • Proof of Forsyth County residence (most current utility bill or lease in parent’s name),
    • Income documentation for parents living in the household who are working: last 4 check stubs, or other income documentation (Tax Return, W-2’s are acceptable). Also, proof of SSI benefits, and/or proof of child support, if applicable. Parents do not have to be employed for the child to be eligible.

    2) Complete the Site Preference Form

    The Site Preference Form is part of the application. Your selections do not guarantee placement at any site, but allow you to indicate location(s) you are able to provide transportation for your child and you are able to access before and after school care if needed.

    3) Turn in application

    Return completed applications in person or by mail to:

    Smart Start of Forsyth County, 7820 North Point Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC, 27106 336-725-6011

    Head Start at Sarah Y. Austin, 2050 Big House Gaines Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC, 27101 336-727-0617

    Head Start at WSSU, 601 S. Martin Luther King Dr., Winston-Salem, NC, 27101 336-750-2472 or 336-750-8813

    Other Important Information to Note 

    Eligibility Criteria

    NCPK: All sources of family income cannot exceed 75% of the NC median income

    Head Start: All sources of family income cannot exceed 100% of the federal poverty level

    Title I: Children are rank ordered by developmental assessment screening score and the child with the greatest demonstrated educational need is offered placement first until all places are filled.

    Other: If a family exceeds the income limits other risk factors may be considered for eligibility including, but not limited to developmental need as indicated by developmental screening, homelessness as defined by the McKinney-Vento Act, separation from parent due to incarceration, and foster care placement.

    Developmental screening appointments

    Parents who complete and submit applications between February 3 and April 3 and indicate a preference for a school site must have their child screened to be considered for placement in a Pre-K school site. After your application has been reviewed you will receive an appointment notification by mail with information about scheduling a screening appointment.

    Preparing your child for a developmental screening event

    Your child will be screened using a developmental assessment designed to measure gross and fine motor skills, critical thinking skills, language development and learning disposition behaviors.  We call this experience "playing games with a teacher." The assessment usually takes about 30 minutes. During this time parents will complete a survey to rate the child's self-help and social-emotional development.

    Applicants are rank-ordered, offered placement, and when all classrooms in the county have been filled, a rank order wait list is maintained to fill vacancies as they occur.

    Families who apply after April 3

    Children who apply after April 3 will be considered for Pre-K placements in public schools, Head Start, and NC Pre-K classes in designated private childcare sites based on the criteria stated above, if space is available. Children must be screened before they can be enrolled in the Pre-K program. Families will be notified when space is available. Please note the enrollment process can take several weeks to complete.

    Families with developmental concerns 

    Families with any concerns about your child's development should contact the WS/FCS EC Preschool Office at (336) 703-4199