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    We are hopeful that students, teachers, parents, and our community continue to engage in meaningful explorations of the Science happening within us and in the world around us. Together #WeDoScienceWell. You can find us in all schools and on twitter @WSFCS_Science.

    WS/FCS Science - Supporting Inquiry-based Science Instruction for all Learners

    The science instructional team is committed to providing resources designed to assist science teachers K-12 in providing academically engaging, inquiry-based, and standards-based science curriculum for all students in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

    Continuing with our goals, supported by a previous NSF Grant, we endeavor to increase the quality of the science educational experience for all students as we increase our number of students participating in and finding success in advanced science coursework with hopes they will pursue STEM careers. 

    The North Carolina Science Essential Standards are the curriculum articulated for students in grades K-12 science. The Science Essential Standards are categorized into three strands: Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science. At each grade level, the Essential Standards are further described as they relate to the Next Generation of Science Standards (eg. Earth History, Molecular Biology, and Matter: Properties and Change). All WS/FCS students should receive rigorous and engaging instruction based on the NC Science Essential Standards. Referencing these documents will support science educators and parents in planning experiences that support student mastery of the science curriculum “to ensure that they graduate from high school" and they are "prepared for life in the 21st Century."

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