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     What is Digital Design?

    When comes to definition for Digital Design, we have a great number of them, but we would say that digital design combines computer graphics, numerical methods, and mathematical models of the physical world to create a visual framework for understanding and solving scientific problems. The mathematical and algorithmic foundations of digital design (for scalar, vector, and tensor fields) will be explained in the context of real-world data from scientific and biomedical domains at post-secondary courses.

    Our goal for the digital design program is to help high school students:

       gain experience using a multitude of computer graphics software

       develop problem-solving skills

       become independent learners

       acquire the intellectual confidence required to help them be successful with their post-                                     secondary education


    Development of an expertise in digital design might lead to careers in areas such as:

       Scientific Imaging

       Medical Imaging

        Remote Sensing

        Information Visualization

        Engineering and Manufacturing

        Graphic Design

        Architectural Design

        Film and Gaming





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    Adam Rabo ANRabo@wsfcs.k12.nc.us


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