• Working in Power Teacher
    These resources are to help you get started with PowerTeacher.
    To log in: Visit https://my.ncedcloud.org. You can also use the Home Base apps command in the dropdown User Options menu found at the top of any WS/FCS Webpage.  This login page also has a password recovery feature "Forgot My Password" which uses the challenge questions you set when you claimed your account.
    Here is the slide deck that used in the Gradebook Guru training.
    Your NCEdCloug.org username is your ten-digit NC Dept. of Public Instruction UID.  If you do not know your UID you can look up your NC UID here. Note that this requires that you be inside of a WSFCS building and connected to the WSFCS_Managed WiFi network or a network cable. Please see your Data Manager if you have additional questions. 
    Click the icons in the table to access written instructions and/or video resources for each topic.
  • Getting Started in Gradebook:

    Launching Gradebook Written Instructions  
    Sign In Options Written Instructions
    Seating Chart Written Instructions
    Elementary Schools Gradebook Setup Video
    Middle Schools Gradebook Setup Video
    High Schools Gradebook Setup Video
  • Using Gradebook:

    Creating and Editing Assignments Written Instructions Video
    Using Scoresheet Written Instructions
    Progress Reports Written Instructions
    Manually Overriding Final Grades Written Instructions Video
    Adding Comments Video
    Elementary Specials, Work Habits, and Citizenship Video
    Entering Exam Grades Written Instructions
    Score Inspector Tool Written Instructions
    Submitting Grades Written Instructions Video