• 4th period - watch this video and answer these video questions by Monday, May 23. 
    1980s and 1990s Interview - Be sure to read the directions on the sheet.  This is due on Tuesday, May 17.
    Turn of the 20th Century Review - due on Tuesday, May 10.
    Honors (2nd period) - This interview is due on Monday, May 9th.  This must be in your handwriting.  You can not send it off to someone to do for you, you must actually conduct this as an interview.
    If you have to do the interview by phone, have a parent sign off on it.  The person must be able to answer all of these - if they can't, you'll need to find another person.  1970s Interview
    Wednesday, May 4 (May the 4th Be With You.... Always).
    HONORS - 2nd period.  Here is the link to The Final Report (the National Geographic Video).  Click here for the questions to answer while viewing.
    HONORS  - Here is the link to the 1960-1975 Review Activity
    Honors (2nd period) Below is the link from the CNN The Sixties Series on the War in Vietnam through 1968.  You are to view the video and take notes on the video by Thursday, April 28.
    2nd period - Thursday, April 21.  Civil Rights Movement Webquest Honors  You may choose to print out a copy so you can have a copy of the questions, but you are allowed to answer on your own paper.  All responses should be in full sentences.  This is due Friday, April 22!!!   


     New Frontier and Great Society Assignment:  (assigned April 19th, due April 25th)

    1.      Read (printing optional, but easier to highlight and use to study in the future) the document The Almost Great Society.

    2.      Open the file New Frontier and Great Society Assignment.  You may want to print page one.  You must print out page 2 and complete the questions using the chart from page 1.

    3.      Read (printing optional, but easier to highlight and use to study in the future) the document The Warren Court.  Be sure to understand how the conservatives in the United States believed the Court was becoming too liberal.  Why will some believe the Court is Communistic?

    4.      Read and save the file New Frontier and Great Society PowerPointYou are not asked in any way, size, shape, or form to print this out.  Save it for future reference.   Below are key terms.  You need to be familiar with these for the test for Unit 8.


     "New FrontierHead Start
     Chief Justice Earl Warren  
     Peace CorpsElementary and Secondary Education Act (1965) 
     Baker v. Carr (1962)  
     Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-AZ)Volunteers in Service to America [VISTA]
     Griswold v. CT (1965)  
     "Landslide Lyndon" Economic Opportunity Act Gideon v. Wainwright (1963)  
     "Great Society" War on Poverty Escobedo v. IL (1964)  
     Medicare / Medicaid (1965)   Immigration & Nationality Act (1965) Miranda v. AZ (1966)  


    April 18 - post Unit 6 test assignment
    JFK Webquest   - Use this Kennedy's Inaugural Address link for the first set of questions.

    Remember, Pacing guides also includes terms.  I do not require students to define all for a grade.  This sheet exists for students to be able to organize their thoughts in studying.  Some students may find it helpful to create flash cards with these terms.  Use what is helpful for you.  Students were also told that anything in the reading or in class (that is not on the term list) is fair game for the tests.
    The pacing guide also includes some questions that students can use in preparing for the test.  I do generally create a constructed response question from this list.