•  Constructed Response Samples

    I think Mae Tuck said that “the worst is happening at last” because they`re afraid that she might drink it or tell people about it. I think this because Jesse wouldn`t let her drink it for some reason. I also think this because the Tucks were freaking out for some reason just because she wanted to drink it. This is what I think Mae Tuck meant when she said “ the worst is happening at last”.





    Jesse and Mae Tuck think the worst is happening at last. They knew that 1 day someone would find out about the big secret of the aging. Winnie Foster was that someone. When Winnie insists that she should drink from the spring (the elixir for aging) Jesse and Mae Tuck knew that Winnie would stay as old as she was now forever. They did not want her to drink it as well as because Winnie didn't understand about the elixir from the spring. That is why I think Jesse and Mae Tuck were nervous when Winnie insisted that she should drink from the spring.