Morning Drop-off Procedures

    In the mornings, parents will drop off students at the front door to the school.  Please note that traffic is one-way in front of the school.


    Afternoon Pick-up Procedures


    Since Atkins is adding more than 150additional students this year, it is important that parents follow our afternoon pick-up procedures for car riders to keep traffic moving along Old Greensboro Road.  Details are below, followed by a map showing the route for cars to follow.

    1.     The front drive entrance will be closed for student afternoon pick-up at 3:00 pm.

    2.     Cars will enter campus behind the baseball field (between the baseball field and Petree Elementary).

    3.     Cars will proceed through lot and turn left between the practice field and building, forming two lanes as indicated by the lines in the                road. (Please follow the signs).

    4.     Cars will be held at the corner of the building until five minutes before dismissal and then will be released to proceed to the front of the          building for student pick-up.

    5.     Students will exit the front of the building at the main entrance for pick-up.

    6.     Please note that the traffic pattern for the front circle is one way.

    7.     A right and left turn lane have been added to the circle exit to help with traffic flow.


    Afternoon Pick-up Map