Frequently Asked Questions

ESL: Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the W-APT?

    All parents fill out the Home Language Survey and indicat languages spoken at home. If there are any languages other than English, those students take the W-APT. The W-APT is an English proficiency screener assessment (in Listening and Speaking) to help identify which students qualify for ESL services. It assess students in a one-on-one format and the length of the assessment depends on the English proficiency level of each student. Generally, the duration of the assessment ranges from 30 minutes-60 minutes per student.

    What happens after the W-APT?

    Upon completion of the assessment, the ESL teacher makes copies of the results for the parent, teacher, and cum. folder. Notification letters are sent home. Parents must sign form and return to the teacher. Once signatures are returned to the teacher, your ESL teacher now has permission to start working with your English Language Learners.

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