• The following are the REMIND 101 codes for my classes.  This is so I can send you "reminders", due dates, or messages about class on your cell phone.  It is a one-way text messaging system, you cannot reply to the messages.  You would need to call or e-mail me if you need further clarification.
    Please sign up for this messaging system so you don't miss pertinent information. 
    The number you will text to is  81010 for all of my classes
    The "text message" you would enter is different for each class.  Please be sure you ask your child which course they are in. They are as follows:
    Computer Applications Part I 6th grade                  @4e2451
    Computer Applications Part I 7th grade                  @ d3fea3e8
    Computer Applications Part  II 7th grade               @d3fea3e86
    Computer Applications Part II 8th grade                 @d3fea3e
    Business and Marketing  8th grade                           @d3fea3