• We constructed this together! We signed the document which is up in the classroom.

    We the people in order to form a more perfect classroom establish 4 rules which ensure a peaceful and productive atmosphere.

    1) Be prepared with a positive attitude and necessary materials

    2) Follow directions and be responsible for your own actions.

    3) Be a great listener by making eye contact and raising your hand to be recognized.

    4) Treat people like you would like to be treated.

    Mrs. Patten will provide experiences to promote critical and creative thinking to all students. Each class member will be respectful and try his/her best each day. We establish this constitution for Mrs. Patten’s class at Sherwood Forest Elementary School.


    If the student does not follow these rules, the students agreed on these consequences:

    1)    Warning

    2)    Name in a notebook explaining the inappropriate behavior.

    3)    Hand written note from the student to the parents explaining the inappropriate behavior and a call from Mrs. Patten.