Why is Lewisville Elementary a wonderful place for your family? 



    LES is a good place for my family because of how much the teachers and staff care about the students. I love that many of our staff know each student's name and call them by their name as they see them in the hall! The children feel loved and important which in turn encourages them and their desire to learn and grow.

    Amy Foster, PTA President


  • Why is Lewisville Elementary a wonderful place for your family? 


    Our family could not imagine being anywhere else. We have found Lewisville Elementary to be the perfect place for our children to learn, grown and succeed! Each of our family members feels as though we can talk to any teacher or staff memeber with a problem or cencern and help will be provided. Mr. Glenn, the custodian, knows all three of our kids by name and talks with the regularly. The cafteria ladies greet each of my kids with a smile and warm hello daily. Walking down the hallway in the morning is a joy! Teachers highfive, give hugs and tell our children how great they are. Even when we see teachers and staff in the community my kids are so excited to see them. They are always greeted with smiles and hugs. My family is truly blessed to be part of the LES Cool Cat family.


    Megan Vogler, PTA Vice President

  • Why is Lewisville Elementary a wonderful place for your family? 


    When the time came to select a school for our daughter to start Kindergarten, as any parent is we were nervous about making the right choice. From the minute we walked into the school we were greeted with smiling faces and my normally shy daughter was smiling ear to ear eager to start her first day! At LES we were not just another face, we were treated like part of the family!  Every staff member genuinely cares about your child and celebrates all their achievements! Now my son is getting ready to start his first year I know he is in good hands and will become part of the Cool Cat Family too!! 

    Holli Hingler, LES Treasuer

  • Why is Lewisville Elementary a wonderful place for our family?


    "A teacher takes a hand, opens mind and touches a heart!"
    This quote could not be more accurate of our families experience at LES, these last 5 years! As all 4 of my children get excited about who there teacher will be for this year...I am happy to know that we support one another at LES!! We are blessed by out school family!


    Tiffany Hennessy, PTA Secretary