• First Grade Homework


    1.      Take Home Readers: Each week your child will receive a book appropriate to their reading level in their homework folder. Here are nightly ideas on how to use the book at home.


    Accuracy Focus: Child reads book to parent; parent helps as needed


    Vocabulary Focus: Child reads book and makes note of interesting or unknown vocabulary words, parent discusses meaning of words with child


    Fluency Focus: Child reads book aloud practicing reading smoothly and with expression


    Comprehension Focus: Child reads book independently and then retells the story to a family member, parent asks child questions to reinforce comprehension (characters, setting, details, author’s purpose, connection)


     2.     High Frequency Words: The high frequency words list is organized by quarter to help pace your child’s practice. Use flashcards or games to help your child read the words as fast as they can read their names. 



    1.      Monthly Math Calendar: The math calendar will be in your child’s homework folder. Color or check off each square when it is completed. These activities are meant to be fun and hands-on activities to experience real-world opportunities.


    Additional Activities

    1.      ABCMouse: A great resource to use at home for reading and math activities. Username: thlee@wsfcs.k12.nc.us   Password: downtown

    2.     www.abcya.com: Another website to use at home for reading and letter practice.

     3. XtraMath.com: Please see the login information for your child that was sent home in the Thursday Packet folder.

    If you would like extra homework for your child, I will be more than happy to send work home in their homework folders. However, we believe that children at this age should be going home to play, rest, and talk with their family and friends. Homework should not be stressful!

    Thanks so much, Mrs. Batts

    Sight Word Ideas 
    Here are some websites to use for fun ways to practice sight words (high frequency):
    - http://childhood101.com/2013/09/sight-words-activity-ideas/
    - http://www.readingresource.net/support-files/spellingpractice.pdf 
Last Modified on August 30, 2016