What is PBIS?

    PBIS stands for POSITIVE BEHAVIOR INTERVENTION and SUPPORT. At Hall-Woodward Elementary, we strive to help students develop self-discipline and accept personal responsibility for their actions. Through Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS), we have a clearly developed school wide discipline policy, which outlines three levels of behavioral expectations along with personal consequences. Students will be able to earn incentives for following the procedures and having self-control.

     The core values will guide the students as they work to meet the expectations for behavior and academics. 

    These core values are: be RESPECTFUL, be RESPONSIBLE, and READY.
    CORE VALUES                                                  HWES Expectations
    R - Respectful                                     -Walk through the hall in a quiet and orderly manner
                                                                                                                              - Show respect to all adults and students
    R - Responsible                                   - Use appropriate language
    R - Ready                                            - Keep hands, feet, and body parts to yourself


    PRIDE is an acronym with each letter standing for a portion of our Character Pledge, that each HWES student recites every morning.  Pride represents a sense of feeling a belonging our children can have in relation to our school.  It supports good behavior attributes, and students are awarded as they display these exemplary behaviors.   Our Character Pledge is as follows:

     Positive people are who we want to be
     Respect, compassion and responsibility
    Improving ourselves and trying our best
    Doer of kindness and all the rest
    Everybody's safe each and every day
    Jet Pride is the only way. 
    Each classroom teacher will maintain a classroom discipline folder.  This folder contains one classroom discipline log per student.
    This folder follows students everywhere they go: playground, cafeteria, specials.  Teachers will notate the student's current behavior status and the appropriate Response Strategy.  If the student has 3 classroom managed behaviors, they will make contact with the parents and document that information.  If the student has 4 offenses, then that will be notated on the Classroom Discipline Log and a D-1 will be written, in which the student will meet with an Administrator. 
    Classroom Discipline Log
    Flow chart
    Classroom Managed
    Office Managed


    Discilpine Procedures
    Jet Dollar
    Throughout the year INDIVIDUAL students will receive Jet Dollars as a reflection of their positive behavior and attitude while at school.  Jet Dollars are given out by any teacher or staff member at the school.  It is solely the student's responsibility to keep up with the Jet Dollars they have earned.
    Where do your students get to spend their Jet Dollars??!

     In the Classroom:
     Many classrooms have treasure boxes. daily/weekly prizes for positive behavior or completion of assigned work.  Jet Dollars can be used in addition to or supplement classroom reward programs.  For example, turning in your homework for one week could equal a Jet Dollar. 
    Upper grades can develop a menu of ways to earn Jet Dollars.  For example (turning in homework daily, having materials ready for each subject, having your planner daily). 
    In the Air Mall:
    aIR mALL
    The school's PBIS store is the "Air Mall" will be opened at the end of each quarter.  The Air Mall is a place where students can spend their Jet Dollars they have collected.  There is a large variety of interesting objects to purchase, if the student is thrifty enough to save their Jet Dollars and keep track of them!  Student can also enter their Jet Dollars into raffles for big ticket items, and participation in the Big Events held throughout the year!
    The Air Mall is always looking for donations! Please consider donating gently used items, stuffed animals, toys, games, or books.