• Mrs. Peay’s P.A.W.S Laws



    ·      Raise your hand to speak.

    ·        Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    ·        Be willing to share school items and take turns.

    ·        Look and Listen when an adult is speaking.

    ·        Ask before leaving your seat.

    ·        Use kind words when speaking to or about your classmates.



    ·        Always keep your work area neat.

    ·        Complete and return all classroom and homework assignments on time.

    ·        When you complete an assignment follow the teacher’s directions regarding what to do next.

    ·        Make sure all home/school communication is given to the parent/teacher.


    Work Hard

    ·        Pay attention and stay on task in all classes.

    ·        Place any materials that you use back where they belong when you are done.

    ·        Always do your best work using your best handwriting – go the extra mile



    ·        Walk! - No running, hopping, skipping, etc. in the classroom.

    ·        Use all materials carefully and the way that they are supposed to be used.


    Below are the consequences and rewards used in my classroom:


    Consequences: PBIS Form, silent lunch, time out for reflection, phone call to parent, referral to the office

    Rewards: PAW Bucks, stickers, treats, and other classroom privileges