• Our Class Rules

    P - We are polite to each other by keeping our hands and feet to ourselves. 

    A - We are accountable by treating all materials with respect and cleaning up our messes.

    W - We work hard by paying attention and helping each other with assignments.

    S- We are safe by making sure we are polite and treat others the way we would like to be treated.


    Classroom Management

    We have a system of "catching someone doing good ".  When a student is seen doing the right thing they receive a star on their desk. After earning five stars they receive a star on our bulletin board and the opportunity for a different prize  (extra recess, snack).

    We also have a system of starting each day on  Green - Ready to Work

                                                                         Yellow - Slow down and think

                                                                         Red -    Parent Notification.

    Students move their clip down a level if they are spoken to more than once about a behavior.  Students always have a fresh start the next day.


    Snacks _ Parents please send in snacks so that your children can have a break during the late morning.   Thank you for all you do for your child and Griffith School!