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    Posted by Terris Foreman on 9/11/2015 2:00:00 PM

    It has been a great couple of weeks. I have learned so much from my students already. I know they All love to talk! Students have done an awesome job on their first quiz "The Culture of Science" and we have just finished our quiz on "The Periodic Table". We are moving into Atoms and Electron Configurations.

    There are some that are working hard and there are some that may have to pick up the pace. I am seeing too much talking and not enough concentrating. Science is like taking a foreign language. There are so many new words and they have so many different meanings than what we are used to hearing and knowing. 

    I have encouraged all students at the beginning of the year to invest in note cards. We have been using note cards since the 3rd day of school. If your child has a low grade for the note card assignment, they have fallen short and have not been prepared. I have provided notecards for over 45 students. Notecards will be used on a daily basis. the total vocabulary that we have had so far is 40. The students were graded on how many note cards they have prepared and had saved. Class time was given each time to prepare the cards. We will be working with the same note cards for one more week.

    There are some students that are having trouble adjusting to 8th Grade. Classroom, Hallway, and Cafeteria Expectations are reviewed on a daily basis and students are given plenty of opportunities to adjust daily.

    Until Next Time!

    Ms. Foreman

    8th Grade Science


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