• Below are listed the prompts that may be used for this set of writing warm ups.  You should rewrite three of them and turn them in before Jan 20 (earlier if you think you may want to use a locker pass on them):  CHOSE FROM THIS LIST ONLY.  DO NOT USE OLD PROMPTS

    Second quarter Writing Warm ups group 2


    2QB-1:  Write a commercial about anything. (Dec)

    2QB-2:  What was the most memorable thing from 2016 (Jan 3-Jan 6)

    2QB-3:  Name 3 facts and 3 opinions about the school (Jan 3- Jan 6)

    2QB-4:  Write your opinion about anything. (Do not do this and 2QB-5 if they are the same)- Jan 12

    2QB-5:  Write your opinion about anything without using any facts or first person. (Do not do this and 2QB-4 if they are the same)- Jan 13