Director - Greg Taylor
    Accompanist - Ann Saxon

    THE WEST FORSYTH VOCAL MUSIC DEPARTMENT has received acclaim through its performances at schools, churches, in concert halls and at professional gatherings, offers a full schedule of courses based on varying levels of proficiency and interest. The Vocal Music Department at West Forsyth by following the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Arts Education will provide each student with the knowledge to continue Music as a major in college if so desired. The Vocal Music Department consist of the following performing groups;

    CHORUS 1 - No Audition required, All 9th graders must start in Chorus I.  This class is open to ALL grade levels and is a class for the beginning singer who is taking chorus for the first time.

    - No Audition required, Open to students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. This intermediate level class provides a more advanced level of music, music history and music theory which will prepare student for their audition into our Advanced and Honors groups.

    CONCERT CHOIR - Audition is required, for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who strong solo singer and who may have an interest in Music as a Major in college. This class will cover advanced levels of Music History, Music Theory, Sight Singing and Vocal Instruction.
    GRADING IN CHORUS                                                                                               
    CONCERTS = 40%
    TEST = 20%
    CLASS WORK = 20%


    MISSED CONCERTS - Concerts are 40% of each 9 weeks total grade.  If a student is absent from a concert the grade will be made up by doing an alternate assignment.  The alternate assignment will be in the form of a research paper, this paper then makes up for the 40% of the missing grade.  The topic of the research paper will be determined by Mr. Taylor and will be on a topic or composer that the class is already researching.  Please understand that this alternate assignment is NOT a punishment for missing the concert and only serves to make up the missing grade.