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    CLASS OF 2025
    Welcome Seniors and parents of Seniors! This is an important and busy year for you!  We hope this site helps you keep up with senior year student services information.
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    School Counselors will visit English 4 classes (1st semester and yearlong English courses) September 2024


    Students who are scheduled for English 4 (2nd semester) or have English at the Career Center or Forsyth Tech should pick up important information from School Counselors during their lunch on September 2024 in the lobby of the 600 building.

     Individual student meetings will begin the week of September 2024

    Seniors Need to Bring Chromebooks/Personal Devices to their individual appointments

    Students should schedule an appointment with their assigned School Counselor to discuss their plans after high school.  Seniors will leave their appointments with some helpful tips to guide their plans (see below):


    Unofficial Transcript

    2024 Graduation Contract

    Resume/Recommendation Form

    Parent Worksheet

    Senior Tasks



    Parents of Seniors (Postsecondary Planning Night)

     September      6:30PM


    Please join School Counselors in a session devoted to postsecondary planning tips, including college applications, scholarships, financial aid, etc.

    Senior Parent Night Presentation



     Recommendation/Scholarship Forms

    As students complete applications for colleges and/or scholarships, they may find that some require a counselor's recommendation. Counselors are pleased to help with this. In order to write a knowledgeable and thorough recommendation, we ask that students complete the Recommendation/Scholarship Questionnaire (distributed September 11-15) and return to Student Services.  Please allow counselors two weeks to complete recommendations - the completed questionnaire should be submitted at the same time of your request.



    Parent Questionnaire Form for Senior Students

    Parents we would like to hear from you too! Fill out the parent questionnaire to help us learn more about your child as we prepare letters of recommendation and identify students for scholarship opportunities. Students received a hard copy of the questionnaire September 2024. If misplaced, please print the copy hyperlinked above have your senior return to Student Services.

    Tips for a successful senior year:
    1. MEET WITH YOUR COUNSELOR!  By now you should know your counselor.  We will meet with you individually, early in the year to ensure that your thinking about and planning for your years after high school.  Do not hesitate to make an appointment with us as any questions or concerns arise throughout your future planning process. We will be asked to write a letter of recommendation on most college applications.  We want to get to know you! 
    2.REQUEST LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION! Almost all colleges and universities require at least one teacher recommendation.  Ask teacher(s)  who you feel know you best.  Give the teacher(s) plenty of time in advance of application deadlines.   
    3. DEVELOP A RESUME!  Whether it be for college or employment, you will be asked about the activities and services in which you have been involved during your high school years.  Creating a resume can be a great resource for all who inquire!
    4. FINALIZE YOUR COLLEGE LIST AND START APPLICATION PROCESS! Filling out applications can be as time-consuming as taking another full credit course.  Don't procrastinate.  Give yourself quality time and effort by starting early.
    5. APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID AS EARLY AS DECEMBER 1st!  Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid  to determine the federal aid for which you qualify, including pell grants, student loans, and/or work study.  Your results will be sent to the colleges/ universities you designate and a financial aid package will be made available in the spring.
    6. WORK HARD!  You can still impact your grade point average, and more importantly, colleges consider your first semester senior grades when making admission decisions.  Continue to achieve to the best of your abilities. 
    High School students should be careful about what they post on social media, i.e. blogs, podcasts, message boards, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat. Research has shown that 26% of colleges surveyed are using search engines to research potential students.  The negative material the college admissions officials are finding contradict the application essays and characters that students have projected.  Admission decisions can be affected if information is found about a students' character differs than what is portrayed on their application. Employers often use social media to learn about their job candidates through the internet.  Present yourself with pride and professionalism!
    Links & Resources:


    Here's a link to a great tool that will help students and their parents understand and complete the FAFSA. The video makes the FAFSA completion process much less intimidating through its step-by-step instructions and explanations.  




    Residency Determination Service (RDS)

    All the assistance your students need to complete their RDS interview is a click away through CFNC.org:

    Helping You Do RDS found at RDS Resources answers all their questions.

    From knowing the basics to helping students with undocumented parents, to the appeals process - all is readily available through easy-to-navigate instructions....click the link above.


    FAFSA Information


    The below Senior Financial Aid Checklist was developed by the WSFCS FAFSA project team.  The goal for this checklist is to get students and parents discussing the FAFSA early, so that they are prepared to successfully complete the FAFSA soon after tax season.  Please take advantage of this resource and start planning ahead! Click below: 



    The Student Loan Report


    The Student Loan Report helps keep students and their families up-to-date on the latest student loan and financial aid news and information so they can make the best decisions when it comes to paying for college and repaying debt. We provide unbiased coverage on the latest student loan news that may affect students. We also create resources and guides for borrowers and their families so they make the best decisions when it comes to paying for college and repaying student debt. A huge part of smart student borrowing and repayment is simply staying on top of what changes are being made day-to-day and understanding how those changes affect borrowers.




    Resources focusing on financial aid, student loans, college budgeting, etc.  Find the updated version of our comprehensive private student loans guide.

    It can be found here: https://lendedu.com/blog/private-student-loans/

    This private student loans guide covers the following information:
    - In-depth comparison of the different private student loan options
    - Risks for both students and parents
    - Information about servicing
    - Information about interest rates
    - Application process and eligibility requirements

    A database resource website which will align a student profile to their database of scholarships.
    At SchoolSoup.com they encourage visitors to "feed their minds" with the wide range of information available to students looking to continue their education beyond high school. For more information go to: http://www.schoolsoup.com/scholarship-directory

    globe   College Visits: If a senior visits a college during the week, that absence does not penalize them for the purposes of exam exemption IF they do the following: 1) let teachers know ahead of time when they will be out and why; 2) ask the college representative with whom they'll be meeting to prepare a letter on official college letterhead addressed to West Forsyth which indicates they (the student) were on campus that day; and 3) turn in the letter to the attendance office immediately upon returning to West (or have the college fax to West Attendance at 336-712-4416. Students are allowed three excused absences

     Writing Your Application Essay 
    The essay is an important part of an application. It gives a student the opportunity to distinguish themselves among other applicants. There are many resources to help you write your essays. Two articles we have found particularly helpful are: CFNC's "Writing Your Admissions Essay" and an article on the University of Virginia's website entitled "Writing the Essay: Sound advice from an expert." 


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