• What Your Child is Learning This Week  9/28-10/2
    Math:  Comparing and Ordering Decimal Numbers and Rounding Decimal Numbers
    Your child should be able to put the following numbers in order:   0.211; .201; 1.021
    Your child should be able to compare:     3.01  3.010
    Your child should be able to round  .354 to the nearest tenth and hundredth  
    (Maintain: How to find volume of a rectangular prism) 
    Science:  Ecosystems (Changes in the ecosystem, the different biomes and characteristics associated with each biome.
    Deciduous Forest,  Tundra, Taiga (also called Coniferous Forest), Tropical Rain Forest, Grasslands, Deserts 
     (Maintain: Producers and Types of Consumers (Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores)
    Reading: How to locate key ideas and summarize text.  Be sure that your child only summarizes key points of text. Not a play by play detail of every event.  
    Writing/LA: Writing in complete detailed sentences with correct punctuation. Narrative writing 
    Social Studies: Different locations of Native American Groups and the push and pull factors for location or relocation.